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Page One

Kathie Bobbitt and Music Buddies

Mommy and baby Nevaeh

Major William Bobbitt

James and Sarah Bobbitt Tombstone

Lucile Bobbitt Covington

Thomas C. Bobbitt III

James Arthur Bobbitt

W. L. Bobbitt

 William Luther Bobbitt

Grundisburgh Church

Church of Valeene

William Bobbitt Tombstone

Charles Lee Bobbett

Jack Minton, Ilene (Bobbitt) Minton, (daughter of George W. Bobbitt) Richard Minton who was killed in WW II, Margie Minton, and Dick Minton.

Joshua Daniel Bobbitt and Catherine Jean (Anders) Bobbitt

William John Bobbitt and son, Joshua Daniel Bobbitt

Josh and Marina

Billie and our daughter, Mary

George and Ella Bobbitt family. L/r Edith (Bobbitt) Underwood, Ruth (Bobbitt) Blackford, Ilene (Bobbitt) Minton, Herschel Bobbitt

George Bobbitt and his brother Wes

My daughter Mary on the left and my wife Billie on the right. The other two are Beatty nieces.

Greg, Jim, Marvin holding Mary, Billie, Mike. Taking Jim back to college

George and Ella Bobbitt and their children. Ruth, Edith, Herschel and Ilene.

Billie and Marvin Beatty

George Bobbitt and his first wife, Jennie Kendall

George Bobbitt on final run

Marvin P. Beatty

Billie (Blackford) Beatty

Ella (Montgomery) Bobbitt, wife of George W. Bobbitt

Sarah Johnson

Walter Brown Bobbitt is on the far right

The earliest photo we have of Walter Bobbitt

Walter B. Bobbitt 1906 Wedding Photo

On the left   is Aunt Mae, so this must be Walter's sister Mae with Caroline Lemons Bobbitt

Walter on the right, with his wife, Caroline, to his right

Walter is second from the right, front row, his wife Caroline-called Carrie

 50th wedding anniversary

Photo of Walter Brown Bobbitt


Page Two

George, Lottie, Ida, Frank, Sedarah, Lewis, Ettie   front: Elzarah & Elizabeth (Cash) Bobbitt

 Mystery Photo

Paul, Vicki and our baby, Misspeebody

Bridges looks just like this.  This one is in Parke County, Indiana

This is my Great Grandmother, Alice Jane McHargue Bobbitt

Frances M. Bobbitt

James L. Bobbitt

Tombs of James Levi and Rebecca Day Bobbitt

William was a son of James Levi and Rebecca Day Bobbitt

Jane Hubble Bobbitt was my 2X Great Grandmother

John McKenzie was a son-in-law of James Levi and Rebecca Day Bobbitt

 Pauline Bobbitt Hansen (she didn't look 90 years old, did she!)

Nancy Bobbitt

Wife of William Bobbitt

Old Bobbitt Cemetery, near Somerset, KY

Rebecca and her husband, James Bobbitt, migrated from Virginia to Kentucky in 1804

This is the grave of my Great Grandfather located in the Bobbitt Cemetery in Pulaski County, KY

 Daughter and Son in Law of Martha Ellen Bobbitt Cruce and Stephen Jesse Cruce

Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Bobbitt was the daughter of William and Elizabeth James Bobbitt

Now in Chapin Cemetery, Morgan County, IL

William Levi and Alice Jane McHargue Bobbitt

Lucy Fannie Pagans & Beverly Robert Bobbitt

George Richard Bobbitt, son of Beverly Robert Bobbitt and Lucy Fannie Pagans

Thomas Calvin Bobbitt, son of Terry Bobbitt & Anny Towler

Edmond Lee Cook is the grandson of Elizabeth Polly Bobbitt and Absolom Cook Sr

Sarah Johnson is the daughter of Levi Johnson & Eliza Ann Bobbitt

 My 1949 graduation picture, 19 years old

 Leyburn Kenneth Bobbitt and Hazel Malvina Bruce Bobbitt

Edmond Lee Cook and his wife, Mary Emily Pittman/Cook

This is her 8th grade graduation picture.  Date Taken: 1936

This is a picture of my mother.   She was born in 1920 in St. Louis, MO


Page Three

John Arthur Bobbitt Posted By: Shirley Davis

John Author  My grandfather  Posted By: Shirley Davis

John Arthur Bobbitt and his wife Nettie Ann Bobbitt

John Arthur Bobbitt  Born in 1896 in St. Louis, Missouri.   Died in 1939

His 3rd great grandparents were John and Permelia Bobbitt

William T. Bobbitt

Ophelia Ann Thompson

William I. Bobbitt He was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Kentucky Volunteer Militia

William I. Bobbitt This is my 2nd great grandfather.  His father was Milton Bobbitt

Henry Bobbitt (Colorized)

The Major Bobbitt Home, your great great grandfather's home

Lucy Glenda (Aunt Diddy) Bobbitt Reed and Pauline (my mom) Bobbitt Hansen

Pauline Bobbitt's Young Family 

Four daughters of Talitha Cecile Greene Bobbitt

Daughters of James H. and Talitha Cecil Greene Bobbitt of Pulaski County, KY

These four were children of James Henderson Bobbitt and Talitha Cecil Greene Bobbitt

Rocky Mount Bobbitts 11 Aug 35  Joseph R. Bobbitt Sr with sons William E., James M.S., Julian D.,Robert L., and Joseph R Jr; and wife Bessie Daniels Bobbitt

Miles Bobbitt (L) and Joseph Rosser Bobbitt Sr. (R)

Julia Elizabeth Daniels Bobbitt

Newspaper death notice for 1st Lieutenant William Eskridge Gilkeson Bobbitt 

Rosella Bobbitt and Mike Milliff 

Standing=John Arthur Bobbitt, Roy Lee Bobbitt, Logan H. Bobbitt
Sitting=Henry Bobbitt (father), Mike Milliff (Rosella Bobbitt's husband) and Virgil F. Bobbitt

Grandmother Mary Cassandra Bobbitt received this telegram about her son Chester Leon Bobbitt

Chester Leon Bobbitt

Roy Lee Bobbitt

Mary Byers Bobbitt

Frances M. Bobbitt

Rebecca Day Bobbitt

Grandmother, Telitha Cecile (Green) Bobbitt

James Henderson and Talitha Cecil with their youngest - Lucy Glenda Bobbitt

Alice Jane McHargue Bobbitt 

The James Henderson Bobbitt house


Page Four

James Henderson Bobbitt Family

4 Generations Bratchers and Bobbitts

Dora E. Bratcher Byers Bryant - A.K.A. Great Grandma

Dora E. Bratcher - age 40

Kathie Bobbitt's G. Parents

William Byers and Dora Bratcher's Family 

Vickie Tolbert with Grandfather Clyde Cook

Clyde Elmer Cook out hunting 1919

Clyde and Goldie Cook

children of Edmond Lee Cook and Mary Emily Pittman Cook

Millisa Jane Gobble Cook and Absolom Cook Jr.

Cook Family 1899

Edmond Lee Cook and Mary Emily Pittman Cook

Son of Absolom Cook Sr. and Elizabeth Bobbitt Cook

Daughter of John P. Bobbitt and Nancy Huse Bobbitt

Abraham Cook

Cook Chapel Cemetery

Husband to Elizabeth Bobbitt, daughter to John P. Bobbitt and Nancy Huse Bobbitt

John H. Bobbitt

Children of I and FJ Bobbitt

Luther Bobbitt

Catharine Bobbitt

Date of birth is June 3, 1818. Date of death is January 6, 1892

John Arthur Bobbitt was Chief of Police in Central City, Kentucky

John Arthur Bobbitt working in a garage

Virginia Thomas Bobbitt... daughter of John Arthur Bobbitt

Children of Roy Bobbitt and Mary Cassandra Byers Bobbitt


Page Five

a woman's form with outstretched arms?

wonderful wind-blown tree

Redondo Beach To PalosVerde

Redondo Bch Pier Close Up

CloseUp of the staircase to the beach, at Pismo Bch, CA

Pismo Bch, CA.  Another view of the staircase

Pismo Beach, CA. The little mountain

Pismo Beach, CA from the bluffs. Great view up there

Beach Homes & Driftwood

Full sized picture.  Description: CA after a storm

Full sized picture.  Description: Hills in bloom, next to Pacific Ocean

Redondo Surf, Windy

Full sized picture.  Description: This wasn't even the THICK part of the hill

This is our Sonogram from Jun 30, 2005.  Date Taken: 30 June 2005

We're a bunch o' busy Bobbitts who pause to say, "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"

Cassie Bobbitt, holding an orange given to her by Santa

Here's little Nevaeh, at 4 1/2 months old.

 Philip Allan Dodson Jr Tuesday, December 06 2005

Austin Zachary Barnett and Ila Britt Bobbitt Barnett

Austin Zachary Barnett  Date Taken: 2005

Posing for Grandma....really saying "not the camera AGAIN"

 Todd, Britt and Austin Barnett

Grumps MaNette and Will Cook

 Isn't she pretty?? He's kind of cute, too <g>

Daniel is my nephew, the youngest son of my (middle) sister Marla Wynete (Bobbitt) McDonald.

Stage name Foye Dashiell.  Owner: Rosser Bobbitt.