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Bobbitt Family records

Outside of Virginia and North Carolina, Georgia is the first state to record the residence of a Bobbitt family. Jacob Bobbitt is listed in the tax lists of Wilkes County Georgia as 1 taxable with 350 acres of land in 1782. In 1782 Jacob Bobbitt turned in an account of the number of hogs killed. When Stanley George died, an inventory of his estate was appraised by Jacob Bobbitt in 1784. In 1812 Jacob Bobbitt won acreage in the Georgia Land Lottery.

On September 26, 1826 a William Bobbett born in Virginia and living in Monroe County, Georgia applied for a Revolutionary War pension. He was a private in the 6th Virginia Regiment of Col. Grey Jenkins and in the company of Captain Nathan Mason. He was in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and Trenton. He served for three years and six weeks and was discharged near Burlington in the fall of 1779. His discharge was left with his brother John Bobbett in Virginia about 40 years ago or in 1786. He will be 72 years of age on October 28, 1826. His family consists of a wife and one daughter, the only child still at home. Despite all this information from his pension application no male descendants have been located for this William Bobbitt and no further records could be found in Georgia.

We believe that Jacob Bobbitt was a son of Miles Bobbitt of Warren County, North Carolina. Wilkes County, Georgia records were burned in a Court House fire, so we know little about Jacob Bobbitt or his family.

The 1790, 1800, and 1810 census records of the state of Georgia were burned when the British invaded Washington during the war of 1812. There are incomplete records of the 1820 census and some counties are missing entirely. Twiggs County 1820 census records are among the missing counties. In 1830 the only county in the state of Georgia to list a Bobbitt family in the census records was Twiggs County, Georgia. The listing was the family of Thomas Bobbitt.

Thomas Bobbitt: 
1 male 15 - 20 (1810-1815)                   1 female under 5 (1825-1830) 
1 male 20 - 30 (1800-1810)                   1 female 30 - 40 (1790-1800) 
1 male 50 - 60 (1770-1780)                   1 female 50 - 60 (1770-1780)

We know that this the family of Thomas Bobbitt counted in the 1800 census of Warren County, North Carolina. Thomas was a son of Drury and Elizabeth (Harris) Bobbitt. He went to Georgia sometime between 1800 and 1810.

The early deeds of Twiggs County record on April 1, 1821 a deed of a gift to Thomas Bobbitt by Lucy T. Anderson of Jones

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