Monday, April 02, 2007 -- E-mail from Marsha Berry

"Please share my .pdf file on your Bobbitt web site. Thank you.

".pdf William W. Bobbitt had his Bobbet Whittington Bible Family Record, Name, Place of Birth page - two Whittington families: Francis Whittington and Elizabeth Ambler and their son Frances Whittington and his wife Effie Elizabeth ____________ and their children; and one Bobbet family:  William Bobbet and Miss Elizabeth Whittington and their children."  

"Marriage page - two Whittington marriages: Francis Whittington and Elizabeth Ambler; and Francis Whittington and Effie Elizabeth ___________; and one William Bobbet and Miss Elizabeth Whittington marriage."

"There will be more Bible pages that Harold and his family will send me.   It includes William W. Bobbitt's lineage back to my/our immigrant ancestor William Bobbet and Miss Elizabeth Whittington.   Thanks again.   Regards, Marsha Berry"

Click This Link To See Marsha's .Pdf File