E-mail From: Marsha Berry         Date: Saturday, 04/07/07 19:10:13

Subject: More William W. Bobbitt and his father Isham Drury Bobbitt Junior Bible pages. 

Dear Keith,

I now have 5 more pages. Three marriages pages and two memoradum pages have familiar names.  

One marriage entry and one memoradum like page will be a surprise for you...

1. Marriage of John William Bobbitt to Amy Alston - one of the witnesses to their wedding 1743, Edgecombe County, North Carolina is a descendant of my/our Whittington family...Richard Whittington.  I already sent you a .pdf about Richard Whittington. I have already put the descendancy to from Miss Elizabeth Whittington's brother William Whittington to Richard Whittington on my rootsweb.com.  

2. Memoradum or death and burial - William and Elizabeth Whittington Bobbet burial place as it includes three men who lives near them.  

"Note: The topozone.com map of present Virginia I previously sent you, which marked a possible location of William Bobbet's land south of Jones Hole Swamp, is not correct to be located on the west side of today's hyway south of Templeton, Virginia. I will soon send a correct map as it is located on the east side of today's hyway."  

"When one reads the internet online description of the location of the only area along the Jones Hole Swamp that could be and was settled at that time for plantations, read the internet pages of three men:  

Thomas B. Burge, Thomas Wynne, and John Freeman, who settled on the land along Jones Hole Swamp as did William Bobbet.  On the Burge, Wynne, and Freeman internet pages, the location is better defined as...the Jones Hole Swamp is to the north of the Nottoway River and this is the clue of the location of those who settled Jones Hole Swamp. An old cemetery is in that area and can be seen on topozone.com."  

Please remember I have seen these Bible pages in this Bible a long time ago through the years once a year, visiting my cousins in Bureau and Putnam County, Illinois, so they are not a surprise to me.  

Regards, Marsha

Click this link to see the .pdf file containing marriages and death dates.

Comment:  The last memoradum page lists the death dates and burial locations of our immigrant ancestor William Bobbet and his wife Elizabeth Whittington Bobbet.  These pages include many marriages and deaths of this line.