Email from Marsha Berry dated March 19, 2007 -- "My 8th great grandfather William Bobbet and Francis Whittington had adjoining land in City Point now Hopewell, Charles City County now Prince George County, Virginia.  I have a close-up map with the location of William Bobbet and Francis Whittington's land in City Point. Today the city of Hopewell designates the land as an industrial and water and waste area." 

"As an example of what is in these files, on the Wm Bobbet & Francis Whittington 1674 City Point Charles City Co now Prince George Co Virginia .pdf, at the beginning I have a map that shows:  

1. William Bobbet and family lived in City Point from 1674-1712 and Francis Whittington adjoining the Bobbet land.  [William Bobbet married Francis Whittington's daughter Elizabeth a month or so after William arrived and settled in early 1674.]  

2. William Bobbet and family moved in 1712 to James Hole Swamp southwest of Templeton, Virginia, where William and his wife are buried.  

3. William Bobbet's son William bought land west of the town of Dinwiddle in Rocky Run in 1718 and moved there in 1718 and bought more land in 1725.  William Bobbet's son John moved to North Carolina and was given land in 1718.  Their brother James is not included on the map."

4. The Sturdivant family received a land grant in 1652 and lived in Henrico County, Virginia until they moved in 1673 directly to the south side of Blackwater Creek south of Petersburg in Charles City County, now Prince George County, Virginia.  The distance from William Bobbet and Francis Whittington's properties to any Sturdivant family is around 20 miles or so apart and there were Indians in between."

Here are the 3 .pdf files. 

.pdf file 1. Wm Bobbet & Francis Whittington 1674 City Point Charles City Co now Prince George Co Virginia [10 pages]

.pdf file 2. No Joanna Sturdivant dau of John Sturdivant and Sarah Hallom had  all sons Henrico and Charles City County Virginia [9 pages]  

.pdf file 3. British Parish Registers have Sturdivant in counties but no Suffolk on web site [1 page] Please note that I am including one source here, but the other sources have the same result.