William Bobbet Land Grant Conception Change

Email from Marsha Berry to Keith Bobbitt

April 17, 2006


Dear Keith,

This does not change anything as far as our William Bobbet The Immigrant is concerned, but it does change a conception one of the persons William Bobbet paid for to come from England to Virginia is not John Leader, but is John Lead.
Please note this area of my research on your web site:
"It is interesting to read the progression of Marsha's research William Bobbet, The Immigrant, Sources and Explanations for April 10, 2005 and April 12, 2005 and now April 17, 2006."
In the April 17, 2006 change, please take note of this part.
Look under the Notes for:
William Bobbet [Senior} chr 12 Aug 1647
Saint Mary, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
and died after 1712 Bristol Parish, Prince
Georges near Dinwiddie Border, Virginia,
William Bobbett 96 acre Charles City County,
Virginia 27 Oct 1673 Land Grant interpretation
A year ago, I wrote up my own interpretation
of the William Bobbett 96 Virginia Land Grant
and when I got to one of the 2 persons William
Bobbett helped come from England to Virginia,
according to John W. Bobbitt's book and some
Bobbitt researchers his name was John Leader,
so I just left the surname as Leader, even
though I thought the surname should be Lead.
Nell Marion Nugent's book Cavaliers and Pioneers
as well as the William and Mary Quarterly has
the surname written as Lead.
It has been some time since I last looked at the
William Bobbett 1673 Virginia Land Grant, but I
got back into studying this Lead, Leader, or
Lead II surname more thoroughly lately as the
Lead/Leader/Lead II families are now debating
the surname.
After again looking over the  different sizing
of the original handwritten Library of Virginia,
William Bobbet 96 acre 1673 Virginia Land Grant,
I conclude the surname is not Leader or Lead II,
but Lead.
I did not want to be alone on this, so I wanted
to ask Amy Harris, my friend and BYU Professor
of British Research and an expert in 14th, 15th,
and 16th British and American handwriting for
her opinion. Actually, what I hoped she would
do for me, is verify my conclusion the surname
is Lead, but I did not want to say anything to
her to point her towards my conclusion.
To verify what the surname in question is on
William Bobbet's 96 acre 1673 Virginia Land
Grant, I emailed BYU Professor of British
research and handwriting expert Amy Harris for
her conclusion on this.
--On 4/13/06, Marsha Berry wrote:
"Dear Amy,
I know I have you very busy with transcribing
the 2 Bobbitt Wills of which I am most grateful.
I need your expertise about a last name at the
bottom of my William Bobbett 1673 Virginia Land
Grant.  Is the surname Lead, Leader, or Lead II?
Or what?
Everyone seems to have their opinion about this
John's surname being Lead, Leader, or Lead II.
John _______ is one of 2 persons that my William
Bobbett paid transportation for into Virginia
from England.  The other person is Richard
Tonstall and I have no question about his
Attach:  William Bobbett handwritten 96 acre
Charles City Co. Virginia 1673 Land Grant
This is the complete 1673 Virginia Land Grant
and William Bobbett 96 is the first complete
Attach: John Lead, Leader, or Lead II on William
Bobbett 1673 Virginia Land Grant.
This is a closer view of the surname Lead,
Leader, or Lead II.
Thank you very much.
Marsha Berry"
---On Friday, 14 April 2006 Amy Harris  wrote:
I think it is Lead.  For three reasons.
First, the last two ll's in Tunstall
have a very definite structure that
doesn't appear in the Lead/Leader/Leadall/
Lead II name.
Second, the pen strokes that look like L's
re, parts of the "P" from the line above.
Third, I don't see anything to suggestion
an "er" ending to the name.  The combination
of "D" in Lead and the "P" above looks
just like the combination, one line above
of a P and a D.
Keith, Amy and I agree on the handwriting being
John Lead, which changes the Leader surname
concept.  Please share this email with the
Thank you for your great Bobbitt site.
Marsha Berry