In response to my email to Marsha Berry concerning her research about the wife of William Bobbet, Marsha wrote...


Email From Marsha Berry May 17, 2005

Hello Keith,

  I am sorry I have not gotten back to you sooner, but my husband George and I are in the process of moving back to Utah after 40 years and we were gone last week to purchase a home in Orem, Utah.  

The quote below in your 12 May 2005 email is from my personal Bobbitt family records my 2nd great grandfather William W. Bobbitt wrote:   "Mr. Whittington next door to William Bobbett had daughters, and he handled some of William Bobbett's affairs in Virginia."  

My cousin Barney, grandson of Ida Belle Bobbitt [daughter of William W. Bobbitt and Jane Kays] and Franklin Pierce Funk, in Illinois wrote: "Francis Whittington was born in about 1624 in Nottingham, England and married Elizabeth about 1647 in Virginia.  They had sons and daughters."  

Note:  I am not sure if Francis Whittington married an Elizabeth in 1647 or what her first name was, but I do know from my family records that his father Francis Whittington married Elizabeth Ambler in 1618 in England.  


Francis Withington

Christening: 23 June 1626 West Bidgeford,

Nottingham, England

Father: Francis Withington Bishop's Transcripts, 1603-1843 Church of England

Parish Church of West Bridgeford.  



His father:

Francis Whittington

Spouse: Elizabeth Ambler

Marriage: 14 Nov 1618 Saint Michael Bedwardine, Worcester, Worcester, England.

Extracted Marriage record.  


My great grandmother Ida Belle Bobbitt Funk wrote: "A Miss Whittington marrying William Bobbett would be most likely."  

Note: Beside William Bobbett's name is Miss Whittington on a family record.  

Please note none of my family heard of a Sturdivant marrying our William Bobbett but the Whittington/ Withington name has been written on family pages. The Whittington/Withington spelling of the name is both used.  

As the submitter of my genealogy I added: "and does agree with this submitter's family records."  

I do not know if it will be before or after we move that I can give you more information on this as I will have to contact my cousin Barney in Illinois by land mail, as he has the information but no computer. We will move this month or in June.  We are waiting for the family in the house we purchased to move out, then we will move in.  

Marsha Berry


And, a follow-up...

Thank you for the good moving wishes.  We are going to have a mover do the work for us this time.  I will let you know the date when we move because we will have no computer connection for awhile.  

We will be close to the Salt Lake City Utah Family History Library which has the world's largest genealogy collection and the BYU Library which has the 2nd world's largest genealogy collection, so we will be in genealogy heaven.  

Yes, you have my permission to post my genealogy information on my email on your web site.  

Marsha Berry