John W. Bobbitt


Letter received from John, October 12, 2003


The following quote is rather poignant.  John was 7 years of age.

"Almost the first thing my father did after we moved from Dunbar to Summersville was to take me to visit the grave of Elijah, his father. My father stood silently by the grave for several minutes and wiped tears from his eyes. The only time I ever saw my father weep. Six years later, Samuel McClung Bobbitt was buried on the very spot of ground where he stood and wept for his father."   p. 183

"Sam and Anna Bobbitt had three children, two sons and one daughter. All the children were born in Kanawha County, West Virginia."

Samuel Newlon Bobbitt    born Oct. 18, 1918 

John William Bobbitt          born Dec. 11, 1922 

Jean Sterling Bobbitt          born Feb. 13, 1923

p. 584

"Anna Bobbitt was a strong woman, deeply religious, intelligent, a warm personality, and strong character. She faced an uncertain life and fate after moving to Huntington. The years that followed were hard, but her determination saw her goals accomplished. Her children were educated and left home to care for themselves."

p. 587

The family lineage of John W. Bobbitt is:

William Bobbitt from Wales     1649 - 1703 Joanna Sturdivant

William Bobbitt of Virginia     1675 - 1738 Mary Green

James Bobbitt of Pittsylvania Co. Va.     1707 - 1761 Elizabeth Dalton

Lieutenant John Bobbitt   (Soldier of the American Revolution)     1742 - 1816 Sarah Gibson

John Bobbitt, Jr.     1785 - 1856 Permelia Hill

Rufus Bobbitt     1826 - 1872 Mary Elizabeth Williams

Elijah Bobbitt     1855 - 1931 Rowena Davis Robinson

Samuel McClung Bobbitt     1889 - 1936  Anna Lauretta Newlon

John W. Bobbitt          1922 -

p. 587

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John's Statement Is True

"Interest in this work passes from one family member to another. Just as in the past, several members of the family had some fragments, some interesting information, some documentary proof, someone in our future will sort out, rewrite, and become the centralized depository for our Bobbitt family history."  --  John W. Bobbitt

Family members will edit, add, determine truths, eliminate untruths, write and rewrite the information of their ancestral lines.  The history of the Bobbitt Family will grow little by little and bit by bit.  But, never again will we be witness to the magnitude of research accomplished by one person.  Thank you, John.

The End.