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Hi, my name is Marius Stenslund I live in Norway.  In 1991 or 92 I was on Corregidor Island outside Manila in the Philippines.

On the ground there I found a metal badge with the inscription 

Sidney A. Bobbitt H 

This is probably from the war, and I wonder if this person belongs to your side of the Bobbitt family. 

Best regards



5-14-2008 Second Email


Yes, I believe that this is what you call a dogtag.

There is no more information on the tag, but I think that the H has something with the H company to do. If so this must be older than 2. ww. 

The following is copied from

The following year army engineers of H company, 2nd Battalion of the U.S. Corps of Engineers began to build fortifications on the island to secure the seaward approach to Manila Bay. This was part of the planned "Harbor Defenses of Manila and Subic Bay" due to the strategic location of Corregidor. Concrete emplacements and bomb-proof shelters were constructed and trails and roads were laid out on the island. This engineer contingent left on March 15, 1912, after laying down the groundwork to make Corregidor a great military bastion. Thus began the transformation of a small fishing village into a fortress and site of one of the most heroic battles in the history of war.

I have scanned the tag for you to see, please keep me updated if you find anything about this. A tag that has been on the road for nearly hundred years is fascinating.