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Tide Mill and River at Woodbridge, Suffolk, England



The waterfront at City Point, Virginia [now Hopewell] in 1865.    It was in 1673-1674 our William Bobbett sailing from England, set eyes on this waterfront in City Point, Virginia.  

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City Point, Virginia  

City Point was a town in Prince George County, Virginia in the state of Virginia.  Now extinct, the town became part of the independent city of Hopewell in 1923. City Point is now considered a neighborhood of Hopewell.  


City Point owed its existence to its site overlooking the James and Appomattox Rivers. City Point was established in 1613 by Sir Thomas Dale.  It was first known as "Charles City Point" and was located in Charles City Shire when it was formed in 1634.  

During the American Civil War, City Point was the headquarters of General Ulysses S. Grant during the siege of Petersburg in 1864 and 1863.  

The City Point Railroad built in 1838 between City Point and Petersburg, became part of the South Side Railroad in 1854 and played an important role in the Civil War.  It later became the oldest portion of the Norfolk and Western Railway, itself now a part of Norfolk Southern.  

Grant's Headquarters at Appomattox Manor form part of the National Park Service's Petersburg National Battlefield Park.  The adjacent City Point Historical District is a National Historical Landmark.