Bobbitt or Bobbet Research

From Marsha Berry for Amy Harris

Wednesday, 12 July 2006



Questions for Dr. Amy Harris

 In regard to the Will of William Bobbet probated in 1582



1.  For some reason, is Robert Bobbet mentioned in his brother William Bobbet's 1582 Will?


Amy and Marsha's Answer:  No, but his brother Robert may have a will.  Check the PCC.  

Suffolk County England Land Office - ask how far back in time land was organized. Check target

or radial search.



2.  As the marriage record for William and Katheryn Bobbet is not found on, we

need to find their marriage record about 1578 in Suffolk, England.  


3.  As only the christening/birth records for my John Bobbet chr 20 Jan 1579 is found in, but his parents and siblings plus burial are not found there, search for the following:


William Bobbet

Wife: Katheryn Bobbet


John Bobbet  chr 20 Jan 1579 Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England

Dorothie Bobbet

Alice Bobbet


4.  Find the father and mother of William Bobbet of the 1582 Will.


5.  Check the monument inscriptions for this Bobbet family in the Grundisburgh cemetery or surrounding towns.