The Will of William Bobbett

Probated by Katheryn Bobbett (wife) and John Lynnden on 4 August 1582.

Transcription by Dr. Amy Harris received July 12, 2006 from Marsha Berry

Original Will can be found at the Family History Library - Microfilm 94910



1. In the name of God amen

2. the fourteen daye of June in the fower and

3. twentie yere of the Raygne of our Sovereigne

4. Ladye Elizabeth by the grace of god of England

5. France and Irelande Quene defender of

6. the faythe etc. I Willm Bobbett

7. of Groundishbroughe in the Countie of Suff

8. and the dioces of Norwiche beinge sycke in

9. bodie but of  perfecte Remembrance, doe

10. ordayne and make my Laste will & Testamente

11. in manner and forme followeing. First I

12. bequeathe and betake my sowle unto the

13. handes of Almightie god hopinge onelie to

14. be saved by the mercyes of Jhesus Christe

15. my redeemer, And my bodie to be buryed in

16. the churchyarde of Groundisburghe after the

17. manner of Chrystean menn.  Item I will and

18. bequeathe unto Katheryn my wiefe all my

19. house and houses in Groundisburghe where I

20. nowe dwell with the Appurtenance wthall

21. the Landes thereto belonginge Lyeinge or

22. beinge within the Townes of Groundisburghe

23. or Bourghe unto the full terme & space

24. that my sonne John shall come to the age

25. of one and twentie yeres, upon this

26. condicon that shee brynge uppe and kepe my

27. children honestlie and well. And yf it shall

28. happen my sonne John to departe this liefe

29. before he come to the saide terme of one and

30. twentie yeres, Then I will that Katherine

31. my wiefe shall enioye it unto suche tyme as the

32. saide terme of one and twentie yeres after and

33. from her entrie be fullie completed & ended

34. Item I give to my sonne John to him and his

35. heyres for ever all my houses and Landes

36. Lyeing in Burghe or Goundisburghe to

37. enter the same at suche tyme as he shalle

38. at the age of one and twentie yeres Item

39. I will and give unto my Daughter Dorothie

40. fyve poundes of good and Lawfull money

41. to be payd her by my sonne John oute of

42. my Landes at suche tyme as she shall come

43. to the age of one and twentie yeres,

44. Item I give to Dorothie one good milche cowe

45. to be delive[r]ed unto her when she Cometh

46. to the age of Sixtene yeres by the hannde

47. of my Executors. Item I give & bequeathe

48. unto Alice my Daughter the some of fyve

49. poundes of good and Lawfull money to be

50. payde by John my sonne oute of my Lannde

51. at suche tyme as shee shall come to the

52. age of one and twentie yeres, Item I give

53. to her one good milche cowe to be delive[r]ed

54. her at the age of sixteen yeres, by the hande

55. of my Executors, And I will that if eyther

56. of them departe this liefe the other shall

57. have her portion, Item I will that Kathrine

58. my wiefe shall kepe and mayntene my

59. house in Sufficiente reparacens Duringe

60. all her terme before specified withoute makinge

61. Stryppe or waste, Item I give unto Katherine

62. my wiefe all the reste of my moveable goodes not

63. before bequeathed towards the brynginge upp of

64. my children, And I doe make Executors of

65. this my Laste Will and Testament, Katherine

66. my wiefe and John [Lynnden] desyreinge them

67. to receave my debtes and paye my debtes.

68. And I make Roberte Stebinge Supervisor to

69. this my Will and Testamente, And I will

70. that Katherine my wife shall [dutee] bonde

71. sufficient unto John Lynnden to s[un]e him

72. harmeles concerninge theise Legacyes, And

73. also in Tenne poundes for the Accomplishment

74. and fulfillinge of this my Laste Will to

75. Roberte Stebbinge Wytnes hereunto,

76. Lanncelott D[in]inge John Smithe and

77. Nicholas Brooke


Probated by Katherine Bobbett and John Lynnden on 4 August 1582.