There are times and occasions when something other than pedigree charts are more inspiring and beneficial to researchers.  Marsha wants to share this story and information with you.  Amy Harris visited George and Marsha Berry to discuss plans for more Bobbitt Family research in the 1500's.  Marsha shared the below information with Amy.


Email from Marsha Berry dated 5/02/2006


My Great Aunt Helen Lorraine Funk Morine, daughter of Franklin Pierce Funk and Ida Belle Bobbitt had a large curio cabinet in her living room in Princeton, Illinois, that had items from eastern or Suffolk County, England, that Helen's mother had.  There were the teacups and saucers, old photos, etc., but what my Aunt would let me take out of the cabinet to hold with both hands were several heavy about 7 inches across medallions.  Of the towns, all I can remember are these towns because of what was on the medallions:
a. Woodbridge - a ship with a year
b. Grundisburgh - 3 lions
c. Campsea Ashe - Ash trees
These items are all today in the possession of Helen's son Harold S. Morine Junior in his house in Princeton, Illinois.
What these medallions look like are today's town signs of Woodbridge, Grundisburgh, and Campsea Ashe.
 3 attach:
Woodbridge Suffolk England Quay Side 1568 Ship
Grundisburgh Suffolk England Banner
Campsea Ashe village sign Suffolk England

These 3 photos on one page.

Another item that I shared with Amy and now with you is my find of these dictionary definitions of the surname Bobbitt.
Bob - is an old English word for Shilling
An UK pound was worth 20 Shillings or slang Bob
1/10th of a pound meant 2 Shillings
A Bob - a builder by trade
Poem The Laird o' Cockpen
The melody is from an old air "When she cam' ben, she bobbed."
One of the lines of the poem states:
An' when she cam' ben bobbit foo low'
laird - lord
ben - through the house
bobbit - bowed


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