Photos courtesy Marsha Berry


Funk Farm, Putnam County, Illinois W.W. Bobbitt, Roberts, Spencer, Phillips families.

This picture has been downsized but is still large so you can enjoy the immenseness of the beautiful house.

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Harold Morine Picture


Sitting in chairs: Grandpa William W. Bobbitt and Grandma Jane Kays Bobbitt


Children on grass - left to right:

Murray Funk, Rachel Funk, Nita Roberts, Genevieve Funk, Bess Roberts


In Buggy: Helen Funk [Morine]


Adults in Grass - left to right:

Celia Spencer, Clara Roberts


Standing - left to right:

Frank Roberts, Ida Funk, Dick Spencer, Clara Funk, Frank Funk, Etta Phillips, George Funk


Four Generations

Lucile Grosscup, mother Genevieve Funk, her Mom Ida Belle Bobbitt Funk, her Mom Jane Kays Bobbitt.


William W. Bobbitt and Jane Kays Bobbitt are Marsha's 2nd great grandparents.

Tombstone of William W. Bobbitt and Jane Kays Bobbitt

Magnolia Cemetery, Magnolia, Putnam, Illinois, USA


Three Generations

George and Marsha Berry, dau Camille, German Jaque, and 3 grandsons, and Rosa Jaque, Christmas 2002.

Left to Right - Bottom: George R. Berry is holding grandson Hunter Valjean Jaque and Marsha Berry is holding grandson Denver Grant Jaque.  

Left to Right - Back: Our daughter Camille Lynn Berry Jaque with hand on grandson Alexander Albert Jaque, our favorite son-in-law Gabriel German Jaque, his mother Rosa Jaque with her hand on grandson Adrian Beige Jaque.


Marsha J. and George R. Berry, Christmas 2002