Marsha Berry's Qualifications

Marsha Berry's qualifications to do 16th to 18th Century British and American handwriting interpretation as it is Marsha who did the William Bobbett 96 acre Charles City County, Virginia 1673 Land Grant Interpreted:  

1. Marsha is the 8th great granddaughter of William Bobbett, through her father who is the 7th great grandson of William Bobbett.  

2. 43 years of genealogy research experience, trained by BYU genealogy instructors, the Salt Lake City Genealogical Center now Family History Center genealogists, the Cedar Falls/Waterloo, Iowa Family History Center people in charge of genealogy, the Chandler Arizona Family History Center people in charge of genealogy and the Mesa East Stake Family History Center annual Genealogy and Family History Conferences, and the Regional Family History Center in Mesa Arizona genealogists, BYU Genealogy and Family History Conferences in the summer from 1975 to 2002.  

3. Member and Genealogy Instructor of the Northeast Iowa Genealogical Association, 1970 to 1984.  

4. Genealogy Librarian and instructor of local Cedar Falls/Waterloo Iowa Wards, Chandler Arizona Wards and Stake, and Mesa Arizona Ward and Stake from 1962 to 2003.  

5. Was paid for genealogy research for the Marvin Klepfer family in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  

6. Marsha is currently Extraction director for 16th to 19th Century British records in the Alma 3rd Ward, Mesa West Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, from 2002 to the present.  

Marsha Berry, genealogist