An Email From Marsha Berry

March 7, 2005

How to find and print church parish registers.

Asked if Parish registers were online, Marsha answered...


 Yes, the Parish registers are online and

what information I have given you is from

extracted records that were microfilmed

from the original records.


Go to


Click on Search on the site. Type in the

name and date of the event and the counntry:

England. The record is in the International

Genealogical Index, and is it very important

it is an extracted record.


The individual record will give the name of

the individual record, whether it is a

birth/christening, marriage, or burial record,

the place of the event, and the parent or

parents if given.


Look at Messages which as an example for a

christening has:  Extracted birth or

christening record for the locality listed in

the record. The source records are usually

arranged chronologically by the birth or

christening date.


Then click on the Source Call No. and this

will take you to the source.


You will see the source and you can change

it to this screen only and print it all out.


Then go back a couple of pages and you can

print the birth or christening record.


I have added 2 attachments for an example.


Attached: William Bobbet chr 12 Aug 1647

Saint Mary, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England


Attached:  William Bobbet chr 12 Aug 1647

Saint Mary, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England



Specially trained members of The Church of

Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints actually

went to these various parishes in England and

microfilmed the birth/christening, marriage,

and burial records.


My family actually has seen this done in

Iowa in the 1970's when we took Father Faranta

from Gilbertville with us when he took all of

the church's baptism, marriage, and death and

burial records with him and we all watched the

microfilming.  We were all thrilled about what

was being done as paper records will someday

fall apart and this all is being preserved.


After the microfilming is complete in the area,

trained people read off the microfilmed records.

This process is called extraction. Each entry

has to be copied exactly as written.  Three or

four people proof-read each entry for accuracy.


Of course, if you wish to read the originals

yourself, you can go to places on the internet

and they will charge you for each one. Whereas,

the extracted records are free of charge and

are accurate and can be copied by your printer.


If you really want to spend the money for records

that have already been recorded exactly as what

is in the Suffolk County, England Archives, you

can look on GENUKI under Suffolk and the page has

Archives and Libraries Listed.  The Suffolk Record

Office has 3 branches at Bury St. Edmunds, Ipswich

and Lowestoff.  Ipswich is closest to where our

family lived.