Ancestry Charts And Genealogy Reports

In addition to "The Bobbitt Family In America" by John W. Bobbitt and "Our Bobbitt Family" by Allen Wade Mount, Sr.,  there are these sources of Bobbitt information.  Some charts are the same, some are different.  Some have discrepancies.  It is the responsibility of you, the researcher, to determine the validity of any information you find on this web site or, for that matter, anywhere else including census records, birth certificates, death certificates, court documents, health records, and/or any other document prepared by and/or maintained by human beings. 

If you are comfortable with the information you have gathered, then your research may be complete.  If you are not comfortable with your information, then your search should probably continue.


"The Ancestry Of Arlene Hansen" by Arlene Hansen

Timothy Dalton and the Bobbitts  by James F. Klumpp


Genealogy Reports

Yvonne Barrall's Bobbitt Genealogy Report

Nancy Rattz's Bobbitt Genealogy Report

 Richard Andrew Bobbitt's Genealogy Report

Marvin Beatty's Bobbitt Genealogy Report

Marvin Beatty's Bobbitt Genealogy Report In PAF Format

This report is hyper linked and great for searching or comparing families, names, or dates.

Marvin Beatty's Report In .PDF Format it takes a while to load.

Lori Lee May's Genealogy Report In PAF Format


The following information from Max Lincoln Bobbitt

"Genealogy Reports" by Max Lincoln Bobbitt


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