The Bobbitt Family In America

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Edward Bobet was the first man to live in America with this surname. Edward spelled his name as B o b e t. The earliest use that we can find of this surname is in the literature of France and the name was spelled as Bobit. In the records, history and literature of the United States, the name is spelled in many different forms; Bobit, Bobet, Babbitt, Bobbitt, Bobbet, Bobot, Bobbett, Bobbette, Bobbot, and Boblett.

Dr. William Bradford Browne, a professional genealogist, was commissioned by the Babbitt families of our New England states, to research the history of the Edward Bobet descendants. His work was published in 1912, by C. A. Hack and Son, of Taunton, Massachusetts. The book was titled "The Babbitt Family History, 1643 - 1900". In this book, Dr. Browne, made these comments on the origin of the family name.

"Certain family traditions say the Bobbet name is of French origin, but there is no doubt that it is the old English name of Bobbet, this being the form used by the first Edward Bobbet who came to Massachusetts. It is a common name of the present time and later immigrants to this country who settled in Virginia and North Carolina have kept the name in its original form, and it is not an uncommon name throughout the south. The same person will frequently use several varieties of spelling the name in the same document. In New England the fifth generation almost all used the form of "Babbitt" which is still used in the New England states today."

"The English surname Bobbett means "Bob" son of Robert, the syllable "ett" being a diminutive. Bobbett was a common family name in Suffolk and Devonshire in the middle ages in England."

The land grant of William Bobbitt on October 27, 1673 spelled his name as "Bobbett". The land survey for his son, in 1706 in Prince George County, Virginia, spelled the name as "Bobbett" and as "Bobbitt" in the same document.

The sons of Drury Bobbitt of North Carolina used three of the different forms, Bobbitt, Bobbett, and Bobbette. Their descendants use the form selected by their fathers to the present day.

In the 1700's and early 1800's the name was spelled the way it sounded. Frequently the person using the name, did not know who spelled it correctly, since he did not know how to write it. It is interesting that the double "b" survived and even more unusual that the double "t" is used to this day.

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