The Bobbitt Family In America

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EDWARD BOBET           1627 - 1675

William Bradford Browne, a professional genealogist, was commissioned by the Babbitt families of New England to research their history. His findings were published in 1912 in a book titled "The Babbitt Family History 1643 - 1900". All that we know about Edward Bobet is from the research of Dr. Browne.

"In preparing a sketch of Edward Bobet, the founder of our family, we are unable to find recorded much that throws light on his early years. His appearance at Taunton, Massachusetts, when a mere boy, evidently possessed of means, can only be explained by the hypothesis that he came to this country in the company of near relatives - perhaps as the step-son of one of the early proprietors of Taunton. In this connection the name of Jonas Austin suggests itself, it being he who sold to Edward Bobet his first land in 1652 (before his marriage) and where he built his first house and to where he brought his bride. Then, too, the Holloways and Hathaways could well be supposed near relatives from their close association with our Edward Bobet."

"The first mention of Edward Bobet on record in this country is at Plymouth, where under date of 1643 we find his name among fifty-four others in a list of those between sixteen and sixty years of age, who are able to bear arms. From this we know that he was over sixteen years of age at this date, and presumably barely that age, since he does not appear in any earlier records of this nature."

"His next appearance is in the Plymouth Court records, the charge against him being an example of the strict discipline of those days;

"At the General Court holden at Plymouth aforesaid, the sixt day of June 1649, xxx presentments of the Grand Inquest. xxx Wee present Edward Bobbit, of Taunton, for receiving pay for stollen weapon." xxx


"Upon the margin of the same page, against the name of Edward Bobet, and opposite the charge is the official entry "Cleared".

"November 19, 1652, Edward Bobet bought his first land as shown by the following deed:"

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