The Bobbitt Family In America

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Anyone interested in the Bobbitt family name will want to have knowledge of Edward Bobet who was the first man bearing this surname to live in what is today the United States of America.

The children of Edward and Sarah (Tarne) Bobet were:

Edward Bobet Jr.     Jul. 15, 1655 

Sarah Bobet          Mar. 20, 1658 

Hannah Bobet         Mar.  9, 1660 

Damaris Bobet        Sep. 15, 1663 

Elkanah Bobet        Dec. 15, 1665 

Dorcas Bobet         Jan. 20, 1667 

Esther Bobet         Apr. 15, 1669 

Ruth Bobet           Aug.  7, 1671 

Deliverance Bobet    Dec. 15, 1673

Edward Bobbitt Junior was the only son born to Edward and Sarah Bobbitt. Edward Junior had sons named, Edward, Erasmus, Nathan, Nathaniel, and George.

In the first three generations of descendants there was not a single male named "William". This point is made, because if you trace your Bobbitt family in Virginia back to 1673 or 1700 you will end with a William Bobbitt, and there is no way of connecting a William Bobbitt with Edward Bobet of Taunton, Massachusetts.

From 1643 to October 27, 1673 one cannot find a record of a Bobbitt or a similar name, outside of the colony of Massachusetts.

Edward Bobet            1627 - 1675

William Bobbett         1649 - 1703

Were the first two Bobbitt males to come to the colonies related? All indications are that both were from the Glanmorganshire area of Wales. There are 22 years between their ages. It is unlikely that they were brothers. It is possible that they were cousins and from the same family in Wales. It is likely that the stories Edward Bobet sent back to his home in Wales became the inspiration for William Bobbett to go to the colonies where on a short journey to Massachusetts he would visit his cousin and his family. Unfortunately many of the immigrants from the British Isles thought the distance from the colony of Massachusetts to the colony of Virginia was a one day journey by horse, and that the path was well marked and traveled. History has proven that many a family of the same family names made this error of judgment and today we have separated families of the North and South with the same family names. Only in the records of England, Ireland, and Wales can such proof be found and in the records of the 1500's and 1600's the proof is not very satisfactory. Our family history will divide the two progenitors into the Babbitt family and the Bobbitt family.

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