The Bobbitt Family In America

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"In Virginia there is nothing wanting to make people happy; there is plenty, health, and wealth. And let no man doubt of the truth of it. There be many in England, land and seaman, that can bear witness of it. And if this plantation be not worth encouragement, let every true Englishman judge."

"The farmers have under cultivation many hundred acres of excellent wheat; their maize, or Virginia corn, yields an increase of 500 to 1, and makes good bread and porridge; they have plenty of barley and six brew-houses, which brew strong and well flavoured beer."

The above two paragraphs were published in 1649 to lure Englishmen to the Virginia colony and settle the land for the Kingdom of Great Britain.

The year 1649 was about the time that William Bobbitt was born in the Glamorganshire area of Wales, near the "Port of Bristol". By the time William Bobbitt had reached the age of twenty, the stories of the colonies were more like the stories of paradise. Edward Bobbitt, a relative of William Bobbitt had gone to the colony of Massachusetts in 1640, and no doubt the stories that came from all the colonies were of much interest to the Bobbitt family in Wales.

The government of England, in order to encourage the settlement of the colonies, offered fifty acres of land to each person who would pay his own transportation to the colony. The fifty acres of land would be granted to each person transported, including children and wives.

Robert Beverly wrote in his book, "The History and Present State of Virginia", published in 1705, Chapter XII, parts 58, 59, and 60, the following procedure for obtaining land.

"A right is the Title any one hath by the Royal Charter, to fifty acres of land, in consideration of his personal transportation into that country, to settle and remain there; by this rule also, a man that removes his family, is entitled to the same number of acres, for his wife, and for each of his children."

As soon as a person arrived from England to the Virginia Colony, he made application for the land he was entitled. Application was made to the governor who had been appointed by the King to make such grants in his behalf. It was only necessary to get the captain of the ship to vouch for the payment of the passage made by his passengers.

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