The Bobbitt Family In America

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Son of John and Sarah Bobbitt

Uriah Bobbitt was born in 1781 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He was a son of John and Sarah (Gibson) Bobbitt. Bible records of his descendants state that his name was William Uriah Roderick Bobbitt. The census records list him as "Uriah Bobbitt" or as "U. R. Bobbitt. His marriage record has his name as "Uriah L. Bobbitt" but suppose that the clerk of the court misunderstood the initial.

The 1783 Pittsylvania County tax list records Uriah Bobbitt as in the family of John Bobbitt (Senior).

"John Bobbitt, tax for: 6 white souls and 1 black."

In 1785 the tax list for the same family was counted as taxed for 7 white souls, and we know that the addition to the family was a son born in 1785 by the name of John Bobbitt Junior.

In 1785 or 1786 Sarah Bobbitt, wife of John Bobbitt Senior, died. Uriah and his brother John Junior were sent to Amherst County Virginia to live with their maternal grandparents, the George Gibson family. They also lived for a time with an older sister, Sarah Bobbitt, who had married Thomas D. Hill of Amherst County.

The 1800 census records for the entire state of Virginia were lost or destroyed. In 1810 the census record lists the families of John Bobbitt Junior and his brother Uriah Bobbitt.

John Bobbitt Junior

3 males under 10 (1800-1810)     1 female under 10 (1800-1810)

1 male 26 - 45 (1765-1784)         1 female 10 - 16 (1794-1800)

                                                     1 female 16 - 26 (1784-1794)

Uriah Bobbitt 1 male 26 - 45          No females.

The 1810 census counted and listed by name the head of household and each person in the household by sex and age. The fact that Uriah Bobbitt was listed indicates that he had been married and that his wife was deceased. If he had any children they were being taken care of by his wife's family and were counted as part of their family. There is no record of the marriage of Uriah Bobbitt before 1810. We believe that he married a "Watts" who was a sister of William Watts.

When John Bobbitt Junior married Permelia Hill in Amherst County on December 8, 1862, Uriah Bobbitt and William Watts were the bondsmen for the marriage. Later William Watts married Polly Hill on June 7, 1802 in Amherst County. Both marriages were recorded. It is likely that about the same time Uriah Bobbitt was first married.

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