The Bobbitt Family In America

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There is no record or indication that Uriah Bobbitt married again after the death of Polly in 1834. The Leake County census of Mississippi in 1840 lists the family and no females were counted.

U. R. Bobbitt

1 male 10 - 15 (1824-1830) .... This is Augustus T. L. Bobbitt

1 male 15 - 20 (1820-1825) .... This is Alfonzo I. U. Bobbitt

1 male 50 - 60 (1780-1790) .... This is Uriah R. Bobbitt

Roderick R. Bobbitt is living in the area at the time but for some reason was not counted in the census of 1840. Records from Carthage, Leake County, Mississippi list the names of Postmasters appointed and include these members of the Bobbitt family.

"Roderick R. Bobbitt Appointed may 20, 1837 Uriah R. Bobbitt Appointed May 5, 1838 Uriah R. Bobbitt Appointed Dec.22, 1845 Alfonzo Bobbitt Appointed Apr. 5, 1847"

A history of Leake County mentions Uriah Bobbitt as one of the early pioneers of the county who helped with the formation of the county. In Tipton County, Tennessee, Uriah was a Justice of the Peace. Uriah and his son Roderick were witnesses to many of the recorded legal transactions in the county between 1820 and 1830.

Uriah Bobbitt according to Bible records died on August 27, 1850. He is said to have died in Jackson, Mississippi. Descendants say that Uriah married again after the death of Polly and had additional children. There are no records to support their statement. Uriah certainly did not marry again until after 1840 and I am inclined to doubt that he remarried.

The only Bobbitt family listed in the 1850 census records of Leake County was the family of "A. T." Bobbitt and he certainly must have been Augustus T. L. Bobbitt.

Family # 309

A. T. L. Bobbitt     24 (1826) Tennessee

M. H. Bobbitt        21 (1829) Mississippi (Martha)

Uriah Bobbitt          4 (1846) Mississippi

Buna Vista Bobbitt  2 (1848) Mississippi

The Uriah Bobbitt listed in the above census reported in the 1880 census that his father was born in Tennessee, his mother was born in Mississippi, and he was born in Mississippi. In the 1900 census, Uriah stated that he was born in January 1847. In 1860 the family of Augustus T. L. Bobbitt was counted in San Augustine County, Texas. In 1850, Roderick R. Bobbitt, brother of Augustus T. L. Bobbitt was counted in the census of San Augustine County, Texas. Roderick and his family was one of the only two Bobbitt families recorded in the 1850 census for the entire state of Texas.

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