The Bobbitt Family In America

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San Augustine County, Texas, census of 1850. Family # 36.

R. R. (Roderick) Bobbitt       38 (1812) Virginia

Permelia (Larson) Bobbitt     29 (1821) Mississippi

Louisa Bobbitt                     12 (1838) Mississippi

George (Random) Bobbitt    10 (1840) Mississippi

Amanda Bobbitt                    8 (1842) Texas

Alfonzo Bobbitt                    4 (1846) Texas

Mary Bobbitt                        2 (1848) Texas

Susan Bobbitt                  6/12 (1850) Texas

Argus Bobbitt                     23 (1827) Tennessee (brother)

From records and descendants we have Augustus Tentamous LaFamous Bobbitt as born on October 1, 1826, born in Tennessee. He died on February 2, 1909 in Sabine County, Texas. In the 1860 census of San Augustine County, Texas he was listed as:

Family 216, counted July 20, 1860:

A.T.L. Bobbitt               32 (1828) Tennessee (Oct. 1826)

Martha (Hobdy) Bobbitt 31 (1829) Texas (Mississippi)

Mary A. Bobbitt              8 (1852) Texas

William R. Bobbitt           6 (1854) Texas (August 1855)

Uriah R. Bobbitt            14 (1847) Texas (Mississippi)

Mandy Bobbitt               2 (1858) Texas

Edwine Hobdy             15 (1845) Texas (Mississippi)

John Hobdy                 13 (1847) Texas (Mississippi)

The census informant made many errors in this record, but it does give some accurate information. A.T.L. Bobbitt did not go to Texas until about 1852.

I could not find Alfonzo in any 1850 records. I believe that he married Elizabeth Gunn born (1821) in Leake County, Mississippi. They had one daughter named California Bobbitt born in 1848. 1 think that Alfonzo Bobbitt was deceased by 1850.

If Joseph Bobbitt born in 1810 lived past 1830 he never made a record of his life or was never again counted in a census record.

The Argus Bobbitt listed in the 1850 census record of R. R. Bobbitt has to be A. T. L. Bobbitt who was counted with his family in 1850 in Mississippi, but was counted again while he was on a visit to his brother in San Augustine County, Texas. After his visit he decided to move to San Augustine County and did so in 1851 or 1852. There was an Argus T. L. Bobbitt who was born in June 1861 in San Augustine County. He was a son of Augustus T. L. Bobbitt and lived his entire life in San Augustine County.

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