The Bobbitt Family In America

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URIAH BOBBITT 1818 - 1878

Son of Randolph and Rachel Bobbitt

Uriah Bobbitt was the first son and second child of Randolph and Rachel (Phillips) Bobbitt. He was born on March 19, 1818 in Grayson County, Virginia near the present day village of Hillsville now located in Carroll County.

In 1823 Randolph Bobbitt moved his family from Virginia to Pulaski County Kentucky where he joined other relatives. There apparently were numerous trips made by various members of the Bobbitt clan back to the family compound in Grayson County of Virginia. The records indicate that Uriah Bobbitt in 1840 was living with some of his relatives in the Virginia compound. He was related to the Philips, Worell, McKenzie, and Nuckolls families as well as a large number of Bobbitt families. During one of his visits or working journeys in Virginia he married a distant cousin named Elizabeth Matilda Worrell. The couple were married on September 20, 1843. Elizabeth was a daughter of John and Ollie (Jones) Worrell of Grayson County.

In 1845 Randolph Bobbitt and his family moved to Howard County, Missouri. According to some family letters, Uriah and his family went with a group to Mexico. I have not been able to locate Uriah in any census records of 1850. Uriah was a blacksmith and was able to make an -exceptionally good living while traveling with various pioneer groups from one place to another. According to the census records of 1860 taken in Leon, Decatur County, Iowa, Uriah did not leave Kentucky until 1848 or 1849.

Family # 925, counted July 28, 1860.

Uriah Bobbitt                   42 (1818) Virginia - Blacksmith

Elizabeth Bobbitt              37 (1823) Virginia

Creed Bobbitt                  17 (1843) Kentucky - Blacksmith

Perry Bobbitt (John)        14 (1846) Kentucky

Minerva Bobbitt              12 (1848) Kentucky

William H. Bobbitt            7 (1853) Iowa

Lorna (Belle) Bobbitt        4 (1856) Iowa

Freelan Bobbitt            3/12 (1860) Iowa

Uriah and Elizabeth Bobbitt had seven children. Two of the children are not shown in this record. One was a son, named Theodore C. Bobbitt who was born June 13, 1851 and died March 27 1858. The other child was a daughter who died young and her name is not known. All of the children listed in the above census record lived to maturity, married and reared families of their own.

We believe that Uriah and his family were living in Iowa in 1851 and they lived in Iowa until both Uriah and Elizabeth were deceased.

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