The Bobbitt Family In America

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Granville and Orange Counties

William Bobbitt Junior was the son of William Bobbitt and Amy Bennett. He was a grandson of John Bobbitt of Chowan, and a brother to John Richard Bobbitt.

He is first mentioned in the records of Edgecomb records in Halifax County, Book 5, page 334. Recorded August 2, 1744.

John Tomkins of South Carolina to Richard Bennett of Edgecombe County for 180 acres of land on the North prog of Buffaloe Branch .... Witnesses: William Bobbitt Junior, Charles Tomson.

From this record we know that William Bobbitt Senior could not be the William Bobbitt mentioned in the record and that William Junior had to be born in 1727 to be old enough to participate in this record.

William Junior lived with or near his father in Granville County and in Orange County until his father died 1768. There are not land records in Orange County but it seems likely that the land William Senior owned was inherited by William Junior and he lived on that land until 1780 when he moved to Granville County or near the Franklin County border.

There is indication that William Junior married Martha Turner daughter of Thomas Turner of Warren County. We do not know the names of any of the daughters born to this marriage but the sons were:

John Bobbitt                 born 1746

William Bobbitt III        born 1747

James Bobbitt               born 1749

Sarah Bobbitt               born 1752

Arthur Bobbitt              born 1754

Sion Bobbitt                 born 1755

Turner Bobbitt             born1757

Most of what we know about William Bobbitt Junior is through the records of his sons. The family had close association with the Magnum family of Orange County.

Because of missing records in Orange County it is not possible to prove any of the vital facts about William Bobbitt Junior, except that he was born and lived out his life in North Carolina. We must rely on the early records, the tax lists, and logical calculations for the placement of this family in relationship to the other families we have studied and for whom we have more exact records.

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