The Bobbitt Family In America

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Son of Lewis and Elizabeth Bobbitt

William Bobbitt was a son of Lewis and Elizabeth (Moore) Bobbitt. Lewis Bobbitt Senior had three sons who lived to maturity. The sons were, Miles Bobbitt born in 1731, William Bobbitt born in 1738, and Lewis Bobbitt Junior born in 1742.

In several instances where William was bondsman for marriages, she signed his name as "William M. Bobbitt".  I am certain that his middle name was "Moore" although I have never found a record that listed his middle name. On Friday, June 10, 1825, the Raleigh Register and North Carolina Gazette carried this notice.

"William Bobbitt died on Monday last, June 6, 1825. He was in his 87th year of age and a long time resident of Franklin County."

Lewis Bobbitt Senior, father of William Bobbitt, had 450 acres of land surveyed for him in 1749. The land was on the south side of Reedy Creek in what was at that time Granville County. The land was granted to Lewis in 1753. In the same year, Lewis Bobbitt and his family moved from Prince Edward County, Virginia to North Carolina. The land is today in Warren County, North Carolina.

In 1755, a tax list was made of the land owners in Granville County. The tax was for land and all males over sixteen years of age. Each household was listed with the name of head of household and the total number of taxable males over sixteen. In 1755 Granville County included all the territory that is now located in Warren, Franklin, and Vance Counties. The original tax list is in the North Carolina State Archives.


Miles Bobbitt    1 taxable

Lewis Bobbitt   1 taxable

John Bobbitt    1 taxable


Lewis Bobbitt was born in 1703, Miles Bobbitt was born in 1731, and John Bobbitt was born in 1725. They were the only Bobbitt head of households who were listed. None of the families listed had any sons over 16 years of age. William Bobbitt born in 1738 was very near the age of 16, and probably became 16 shortly after the tax list was made.

In 1 755, William Bobbitt Senior, father of John Bobbitt and William Bobbitt Junior, was living in Orange County. William Bobbitt Junior was living with his father in Orange County. All were descendents of John Bobbitt of Chowan.

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