The Bobbitt Family In America

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William Bobbitt and his family was listed in the 1810 census of Franklin County.

William Bobbitt:

2 males 16 - 26 (1784-1794)           1 female 16 - 26 (1784-1794)

1 male 45 & over (....-1765)           1 female 45 & over (....-1765)

The two males 16 - 26 are Allen Bobbitt born in 1789 and Archibald Bobbitt born in 1791. The female 16 to 26 is the wife of Allen Bobbitt. She was born in 1790 and they were married in 1808.

The children as near as we can determine from the records are;

Children of Martha Turner Bobbitt:

Turner Bobbitt           born 1764

Charity Bobbitt         born 1766

Sion Bobbitt             born 1767

Solomon Bobbitt       born 1769

Amrilla Bobbitt        born 1770

William Bobbitt       born 1774

Britton Bobbitt        born 1780

Shadrack Bobbitt     born 1783

John Bobbitt           born 1785


Children of Lively Hight Bobbitt:

Allen Bobbitt           born 1789

Archibald Bobbitt    born 1798

William Bobbitt Senior was not listed in the tax lists of Franklin County in 1820, although he was listed in 1819. We think that his second wife died in 1820 and in 1821, William went to Raleigh, North Carolina to live with a married daughter. According to a Raleigh newspaper story, William died on June 6, 1825 in his 87th year. He is believed to have been buried in Oakwood Cemetery, but I have not been able to find a record or to find his marked grave.

Although much of the data and proof for William Bobbitt is missing, a reading of the family land deeds recorded in both Granville and Franklin counties will support much of what is written here.

William Bobbitt from Wales      1645 - 1703

William Bobbitt Junior              1675 - 1738

Lewis Bobbitt Senior                1704 - 1769

William Bobbitt                        1738 - 1725

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