The Bobbitt Family In America

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A study of the census records indicates that William and Susannah Bobbitt had six sons and four daughters who in the records lived to maturity. The children were:

Temperance Bobbitt   born 1785

James Bobbitt            born 1786

Lemuel Bobbitt          born 1787

Susannah Bobbitt      born 1789

John Bobbitt             born 1790

Thomas Bobbitt         born 1791

William Bobbitt         born 1794

Sarah Bobbitt            born 1795

Martha Bobbitt          born 1798

Stephen Bobbitt         born 1806


By 1833, Thomas, Lemuel and William were living in Alabama. James was living in Madison County, Tennessee. John and Stephen were the only sons who remained in South Carolina. Thomas moved to Georgia.

In 1820 the census listed the families of John and Stephen in York County, South Carolina. The families of William and Lemuel were listed in the census of Lancaster County, South Carolina. The 1820 census of Alabama is missing. Thomas was probably in Georgia.

In 1820 William and Susannah Bobbitt were living with their daughter, Sarah Patterson. Sarah was a widow and had one son and one daughter of her own. In the 1840 census Susannah Bobbitt is a widow living with her widowed daughter and her family.

In 1830 Sarah (Bobbitt) Patterson was living in Chester County South Carolina, and her family included William and Susannah Bobbitt. William Bobbitt Junior was living in Lancaster County, South Carolina. John and his family was living in Charleston County, South Carolina. Stephen and his family was living in York County, South Carolina. Lemuel and his family was listed in Montgomery County, Alabama. Thomas was not married by 1830 but was working away from home and probably in Georgia.

The state of South Carolina did not record marriages. We have no way of knowing the maiden names of the wives of each son. We know the names of the daughters husbands because of the pension papers filed by Susannah Bobbitt.

James Bobbitt, son of William and Susannah Bobbitt left South Carolina in 1827. He moved with or joined his first cousin, Arthur Bobbitt, son of Stephen Bobbitt, to Madison County, Tennessee. The two families lived there until about 1845 when they moved into the near by county of Gibson.

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