The Bobbitt Family In America

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After William Bobbitt died and the settlement of his estate a deed was recorded in which the heirs sold 150 acres of land to David Fleming of Surry County, North Carolina. This deed names all the children of William and Nancy Ann Bobbitt.

JANUARY 5, 1824, Deed Book 5, pages 153-155 Grayson County.

"William Bobbitt, Caleb Bobbitt, Robert Bobbitt, James Bobbitt, Esau Worrell (for Nancy), Jane Richardson, William Morgan (for Elizabeth) Nancy (Blair) Bobbitt (for John) James Bobbitt, Shadrack Collier (for Lucy), all heirs of WILLIAM BOBBITT deceased, late of Grayson County ....... and David Fleming of Surry County, North Carolina, for the sum of 330 dollars, for 150 acres of land in Grayson County ..... on the waters of snake Creek..........

(signed by all the heirs)

Witnesses: Edward Jones

Greenberry G. M. Bobbitt

Executed by: Thomas Baldwin, John Cock, Justices of the Peace.

Captain William Bobbitt was born in 1744, married in 1768, and died in 1817. Nancy Ann McKenzie Bobbitt was born in 1753 and died in 1807. William and Ann Bobbitt went to Montgomery County, Virginia in 1778. Of their ten children six were born in Pittsylvania County and four in what was then Montgomery County but is today Carroll County. The family that lived to maturity is:

William Bobbitt Jr.      born 1769      married Nancy Clifton 1792

Caleb Bobbitt              born 1770      married Nancy Blair 1795

James Bobbitt             born 1772      married Rebecca Day 1796

Rosanna Bobbitt         born 1773      married James Bobbitt 1799

Elizabeth Bobbitt        born 1775      married William Morgan 1799

Nancy Bobbitt            born 1777      married Esau Worrell 1793

Lucy Bobbitt              born 1779      married Shadrack Collier 1799

John Bobbitt              born 1783      married Nancy Nuckolls 1806

Jane Bobbitt              born 1785      married David Richardson 1804

Robert Bobbitt           born 1790      married Dicey Bullard 1813

Two of the sons of William and Nancy served in the War of 1812. They were Caleb and Robert Bobbitt. Randolph Bobbitt a grandson of Captain William, and son of William Junior also served in the War of 1812. Lacy Bobbitt a nephew of Captain William and son of John Bobbitt also served in the War of 1812.

The well documented family of William and Nancy (McKenzie) Bobbitt is one of the key families in our family history. Descendants of this family live today in Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and later descendants live throughout the United States.

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