The Bobbitt Family In America

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died in 1864. After his death James Bobbitt his son, and his family, along with Dicey Bobbitt and many other relatives moved from Carroll County to Howard County Missouri. Robert served as a soldier in the Way of 1812.

Captain William Bobbitt and his wife Nancy were buried in the Bobbitt family cemetery at Fancy Gap Virginia, near Galax. The headstones of many graves have been chipped away by the freezing and thawing of the weather. Many of the stones are no longer readable. Descendants for years have known where the grave-of Captain William Bobbitt was located. Old letters describe the location of the grave as next to the grave of his grandson Caleb Bobbitt Junior.

Descendants and interested Bobbitt family members have commissioned a memorial to be erected over the graves of William and Nancy with a notation of the names of all their children. The Veterans Administration has erected a bronze plaque to note the Revolutionary War service of Captain William Bobbitt.

William Bobbitt Jr.    born 1769 died 1845 Virginia

Caleb Bobbitt            born 1770 died 1830 Kentucky

James Bobbitt           born 1772 died 1853 Kentucky

Rosanna Bobbitt       born 1773 died 1850 Virginia

Elizabeth Bobbitt      born 1775 died 1864 Illinois

Nancy Bobbitt           born 1777 died 1867? Virginia

Lucy Bobbitt             born 1779 died 1865 Virginia

John Bobbitt             born 1783 died 1820 Virginia

Jane Bobbitt             born 1785 died 1846 Kentucky

Robert Bobbitt          born 1790 died 1864 Virginia


The Bobbitt family lineage of Captain William Bobbitt is:

William Bobbitt from Wales 1649 - 1703 Johanna Sturdivant

William Bobbitt Jr.               1675 - 1738 Mary Green

James Bobbitt                      1707 - 1761 Elizabeth Dalton

Captain William Bobbitt      1744 - 1817 Nancy McKenzie

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