The Bobbitt Family In America

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WILLIAM BOBBITT JUNIOR        1769 - 1845      Son of Captain William Bobbitt

William Bobbitt Junior was born in Pittsylvania County Virginia in 1769 or between 1768 and 1770. He was the first son of Captain William and Anne (McKenzie) Bobbitt. His brother Caleb Bobbitt was born on January 5, 1770. It is likely that William Bobbitt Junior was born early in the year of 1769.

The first record of William Junior is in the tax lists of Grayson County in 1795. We know by this record that he was married and considered head of his own household. I calculate his marriage in 1792 at the age of 23.

John Perry Alderman, an attorney of Carroll County Virginia, and an excellent historian of the Grayson-Carroll county area, wrote me this note concerning the marriage of William Bobbitt Junior and Nancy Clifton.

"The oldest son of my Carroll County settler, William Jennings, was named Thomas. He was born in 1778. He reared eight children, the last of whom died in 1907. There was a family Bible kept which recorded the names and birth dates of the children and which stated that Thomas's wife was named Sarah Clifton. I questioned this for years, because I had never heard of any Cliftons at any time in this county. Thomas had a nephew who lived to be very old who said that Sarah was a member of the "Cock" family. There are large numbers of the Cock family in the county. The Jennings tradition was so strong as to her being a Clifton that I came to change my mind.

"This winter (1972) I was shown a document written probably fifty years ago, who was probably D. Smith Webb, now deceased, of this county, who was setting out his lineage. The document stated that his ancestor, Andrew Cock, was twice married. It states there were two daughters by the first marriage, one of whom was Rhoda, who married Joseph Day; the other of whom was Bettie Swinney. I know that Rhoda Cock was Andrew's daughter and her marriage to Joseph Day is found in 1796 in Grayson County. The old record goes on to state that Andrew Cock, then married the widow Clifton and gave a list of nine children of the widow Clifton in the following form:

                                                     Nancy          W. Bobbitt

                                                     Sarah          T. Jennings 

                                                        John             Deceased 

The Sarah is obviously Thomas Jennings's wife and the Jennings tradition is correct. She was a Clifton and Cock was her step-father. She died here in 1855. She is shown as age 64 in the 1850 census of Carroll County, family # 81, but she has to be older than that. The Nancy Clifton, if she is approximately Sarah's age, would have to be the wife of William Bobbitt, son of Captain William Bobbitt.

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