The Bobbitt Family In America

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In Lawrence County Missouri, there is a probate record for William Bobbitt of Grayson County Virginia. The record is in Box 1, Number 5, dated November 4, 1845. William Bobbitt left no will. Letters of administration were granted to George W. Hill and Absolam Williams.

An affidavit of George W. Hill and Absolam Williams, states that the heirs of the estate were:

Randolph Bobbitt, of Pulaski County, Kentucky. 

Sally Williams, wife of Absolam Williams, Lawrence County, Mo. 

Lucy Hill, wife of George W. Hill, Lawrence County, Missouri.

For some strange reason, William Bobbitt who married Buleah Moore was not mentioned in this affidavit. William was living in Howard County Missouri at the time of this action.

Because of this affidavit, I place the death of William Bobbitt early in the year of 1845. By 1850 none of the family was living in Grayson County Virginia. Nancy Bobbitt also died before 1850.

George W. Hill died before 1850 and Lucy (Bobbitt) Hill married Abel Lee of Lawrence County Missouri. The 1850 census of Lawrence County finishes the story.

Family # 62, Mt. Vernon Missouri, Lawrence County, 1850.

Absolam Williams          51 (1799) born in Virginia 

Sally (Bobbitt) Williams 44 (1806) born in Virginia 

Lucy Williams               24 (1826) born in Virginia 

William Williams           18 (1832) born in Virginia 

Polly A. Williams          15 (1835) born in Virginia 

Paulina Williams           12 (1838) born in Virginia

"The Ozarks Region, Its History and Its People," Volume 1, page 297, states that "Absolam Williams settled two miles northwest of Mt. Vernon in 1841."

In 1870 the census records show that Absolam Williams aged 73 was living with his son, William J. Williams, and his family in Lawrence County.

Family # 662, Lawrence County Missouri, 1850.

Abel Lee                            63 (1787) born in Missouri 

Lucy (Bobbitt) (Hill) Lee    45 (1795) born in Virginia

Jane Hill                            11 (1839) born in Missouri 

Elizabeth Hill                     13 (1837) born in Missouri 

Ellen Hill                             9 (1841) born in Missouri 

William Hill                         7 (1843) born in Missouri 

George Hill                         5 (1845) born in Missouri

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