The Bobbitt Family In America

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Lucy Bobbitt, daughter of William and Nancy Bobbitt, married George Hill. Surety for the marriage was John Hill. Bond issued March 26, 1822, Grayson County, Virginia. Sarah Bobbitt married Absolom Williams. There is no mention of John J. Bobbitt who we  know married a woman by the name of Amanda and was living in the 1870 census of Grayson County, in Nuckolsville, and counted on August 18, 1870.

John Bobbitt           52 1818 Virginia 

Amanda Bobbitt      42 1828 Virginia 

Nancy Bobbitt         17 1853 Virginia 

Franklin Bobbitt      14 1856 Virginia 

Sarah Bobbitt           6 1864 Virginia

Also living in Lawrence County, Missouri was a Martin Bobbitt who we know was a son of John and Nancy (Nuckolls) Bobbitt. He married a widow by the name of Elizabeth Lee and they had sons by their marriage named George, and William Bobbitt, a daughter named Nancy Bobbitt.

The family of William Bobbitt Jr. and Nancy Clifton Bobbitt as near as we can tell from the records was:

Randolph Bobbitt    born 1796

Lucy Bobbitt           born 1804

Sarah Bobbitt         born 1806 


John J. Bobbitt       born 1818 

William Bobbitt      born 1820

The division in the births of the children suggest that there was a second marriage for William Bobbitt. There is some speculation that this second marriage was to a Phillips in the area. See chapter on Randolph Bobbitt.

William Bobbitt served many times as a juror for the Grayson County Court. He was also appointed overseer of the roads in 1808. One of the unreadable field stones in the Bobbitt family cemetery undoubtedly belongs to William and Nancy Bobbitt.

William and Buleah Bobbitt moved to Howard County, Missouri. Despite the large number of records and family relatives who lived in Missouri, none gave any information on William and Buleah Bobbitt.

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