The Bobbitt Family In America

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WILLIAM JAMES BOBBITT       1775 - 1836      Son of Isham and Elizabeth Bobbitt

William James Bobbitt was the first child and son of Isham and Elizabeth (James) Bobbitt. He was born in North Carolina in 1775. His parents were married on October 13, 1774 in Halifax County, North Carolina. From published information left by his son John G. Bobbitt, we have the, following record of the family and the places they lived.

1774 - 1781 lived in Warren and Halifax Counties, N. C. 

1781 - 1789 lived in Guilford County, North Carolina. 

1789 - 1803 lived in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. 

1803 - 1816 lived in Christian County, Kentucky. 

1816 - 1829 lived in Missouri Territory. 

1829 - 1836 lived and died in Morgan County, Illinois.

When Elizabeth Bobbitt, widow of Isham Bobbitt, and mother of William James Bobbitt applied for a pension based on service in the Revolutionary War, her son Stephen Bobbitt, made the following statement in her behalf. Stephen was a brother of William Bobbitt.

"That the said Stephen Bobbitt was born on November 21, 1779 and that he has always understood that he had two brothers and one sister older than himself, whose names were, William, Winney, and Allen ......."

William James Bobbitt had to be born before 1779 and after 1774. The census records indicate that William was born in 1775. Much of what we know about William Bobbitt comes from a published account in "Portrait and Biographical Album of Morgan County Illinois", published by Chapman Brothers in 1889. John G. Bobbitt son of William J. Bobbitt supplied the information. Excerpts from this account pertaining to William J. Bobbitt are quoted here.

"William J. Bobbitt, father of our subject (John G. Bobbitt) was a native of North Carolina, a millwright by trade and a natural mechanic. He was the son of southern parents, and his father, Isham Bobbitt served in the Revolutionary War. He died in this county at the age of 84 years. He located in Kentucky where in due time he was married to Miss Elizabeth Hale. After their marriage the parents of our subject (John G. Bobbitt) settled in Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky, where they lived until after the birth of two children. Then hoping to better their financial condition, they sought the southwest, locating in Madison County, Missouri, where the father put up a mill and engaged as a miller and general mechanic until coming to this county."

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