The Bobbitt Family In America

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By 1840 the census shows that most of the children had left home, either to work or because they were married and made a home of their own. The 1840 census of Warren County lists the family as:

William Bobbitt:

1 male 60 - 70 (1770-1780)          1 female 15 - 20 (1820-1825) 

                                                     1 female 50 - 60 (1780-1790)

Their son William H. Bobbitt married Lulitine Burrows in 1839 in Warren County and had made a home of his own by the 1840 census.

William H. Bobbitt:

1 male 20 30 (1810-1820)           1 female under 5 (1835-1840) 

                                                    1 female 15 - 20 (1820-1825)

William Bobbitt died in 1844 and Polly either lived with her daughters or worked in the families of nearby neighbors. She could not be found in the records of 1850 or positively identified. She however is listed in the 1860 census records of Warren County as living with her son, William H. Bobbitt and his family.

Harvey M. Bobbitt married Ann F. Riggan, and was listed in 1850 with his family in the Warrenton district of Warren County. The family was # 808, counted November 28, 1850.

Harvey M. Bobbitt       30 (1820) North Carolina 

Anne Bobbitt               25 (1825) North Carolina 

Elizabeth Bobbitt           6 (1844) North Carolina 

Frenmia Bobbitt            4 (1846) North Carolina 

Josephine Bobbitt          2 (1848) North Carolina

Harvey served in the army of the Confederate States and was in Company C, of the 12th Regiment. He enlisted on June 10, 1862. He was captured and wounded at the battle of Malvern Hill. I have not been able to locate Harvey after the 1850 census records. In many of the records that refer to him he is listed incorrectly as Harry M. Bobbitt.

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