The Bobbitt Family In America

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Alexander P. Bobbitt was a son of Pressley Bartus Bobbitt. Pressley Bartus Bobbitt and John H. Bobbitt were sons of William Bobbitt, and brothers to each other. John H. Bobbitt would have been an Uncle to Alexander P. Bobbitt. Here is the 1860 census record of Fayette County, township of Millport.

Family # 31, counted June 5, 1860

John H. Bobbitt          31 (1829) Alabama 

Frances E. Bobbitt      30 (1830) Alabama 

Robert P. Bobbitt         8 (1852) Alabama 

Margaret Bobbitt          6 (1854) Alabama 

Mary Ann Bobbitt        4 (1856) Alabama


Family # 32, counted June 5, 1860

P. B. (Pressley Bartus) Bobbitt          27 (1833) Alabama

Martha Ann (Cobb) Bobbitt                  26 (1834) South Carolina 

William Bobbitt                                     5 (1855) Alabama 

Alexander (P.) Bobbitt                           4 (1856) Alabama 

Nancy Bobbitt                                      2 (1858) Alabama 

Sarah Ann Bobbitt                                1 (1859) Alabama

Pressley Bartus Bobbitt married Martha Ann Cobb about 1854. Depending on birthdays and when the census was taken the year of birth may vary a year more or less. We think that Bartus Bobbitt was born in 1829 and that John H. Bobbitt was born in 1830.

Family # 33, counted June 5, 1860

Martha I. Cobb          46 (1814) South Carolina 

B. M. Bobbitt (male)  18* (1842) Alabama 

Sarah Bobbitt             25 (1835) South Carolina

Martha I. Cobb was the mother of Martha Ann Cobb. The male listed here is probably 28 years of age and the husband of Sarah Bobbitt 25. The reading of the record is probably in error. We are unable to identify B. M. Bobbitt in later records, if he lived to maturity. If he was born in 1832 he would be a brother of John and Bartus Bobbitt.

Family # 235, counted June 21, 1860 - (Note the first three families living near to each other. This family lived some distance from the others and counted much later.)

Allan Bobbitt        35 (1825) Arkansas* (S. C.) 

Rachel Bobbitt      22 (1838) Arkansas 

Robert Bobbitt      19 (1841) Arkansas (Alabama) 

John Bobbitt         18 (1842) Alabama 

Sarah Bobbitt        10 (1850) Alabama 

Mesmeria Bobbitt    3 (1857) Alabama 

William Bobbitt       1 (1859) Alabama 

Samuel Bobbitt       1 (1859) Alabama

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