The Bobbitt Family In America

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There is much misinformation in the 1860 census record of this family. Compare the record with the 1850 census records taken in Fayette County on December 17, 1850.

Family # 609

Allen B. Bobbitt      33 (1817) Alabama 

Mary C. Bobbitt      20 (1830) Georgia 

Robert Bobbitt          9 (1841) Alabama 

John Bobbitt             8 (1842) Alabama

In the 1850 census record Allen Bobbitt's date of birth is more correct. Mary C. Bobbitt we think was Mary (Cobb) Bobbitt and that she was a sister to Bartus Bobbitt's wife. Her age was likely 26, born in 1824. Remember the census records are hand written and are not easily read. In the 1860 census we think that Rachel Bobbitt ** is the second wife of Allen Bobbitt. The records indicate that Mary C. Bobbitt died between 1850 and 1857. Note that Mesmeria, William, and Samuel seem to be the children of Allan and Rachel Bobbitt. Allan Bobbitt certainly was not born in Arkansas, this was probably the error of Rachel, who met and married Allan Bobbitt in Arkansas.

The youngest son of William Bobbitt was listed in the 1860 census of Fayette County.

Family # 628, counted August 20, 1860

William Bobbitt      25 (1835) Alabama 

Margaret Bobbitt    28 (1832) Mississippi 

India Bobbitt            2 (1858) Alabama

There was some confusion about the census records taken in this area in 1870. Millport was in Sanford County for the 1870 census, but the county was changed to Lamar in 1877. In checking all the counties of the area I find that many families of the Millport township were omitted.

Bobbitt family members who served from Alabama in the war between the States will probably never be known. A list from the National Archives names the following from Alabama.

William H. Bobbitt, Pvt.      Co. E. 1st Battalion Hillards Legion 

F. W. Bobbitt Corporal      Co. D. 12th Alabama Infantry 

Wiley J. Bobbitt, Pvt.          Co. L. 6th Alabama Infantry 

William Bobbitt, Pvt.           Co. C. 40th Alabama Infantry 

J. J. Bobbitt, Pvt.                Co. A. 35th Alabama Infantry 

James M. Bobbitt, Pvt.        Co. F. 3rd Alabama Infantry 

Morgan L. Bobbitt, Pvt.       Co. F. 3rd Alabama Infantry 

Thomas B. Bobbitt, Pvt.               54th Alabama Infantry

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