The Bobbitt Family In America

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MAJOR WILLIAM BOBBITT      1797 - 1860     Son of Drury and Lavina Bobbitt

William Bobbitt was born on April 6, 1797 in Warren County, North Carolina at the home of his grandparents Drury and Elizabeth (Harris) Bobbitt.

We know that the father of William Bobbitt was Drury Bobbitt. In Warren County there were three Drury Bobbitts who could have been the father of William Bobbitt and there is no positive record of the parents of William Bobbitt. Drury Bobbitt, son of Stephen married Sarah Bradley, Drury Bobbitt son of John married Rebecca Burrows, Drury Bobbitt Senior was married to Elizabeth Harris. When Lavina Bobbitt died in 1804 and Drury Bobbitt was appointed the administrator of her estate, and the father of this Drury Bobbitt, was appointed as the bondsman, we knew that the wife of Drury Bobbitt was named "Lavina", and we know that her maiden name was Park. The record is in Warren County Will Book 12, page 169, May 28, 1804.

"Estate of Lavina Bobbitt, deceased, Drury Bobbitt, administrator. Bond for 500 pounds to Governor James Turner. Securities for the bond, Drury Bobbitt, Senior, and Robert Park."

No settlement was ever recorded for this estate and we are sure that it was because Drury Bobbitt was the husband of Lavina, and the Park family did not press the settlement. The Park family lived on the south side of Ben's Creek near the plantation of the Drury Bobbitt Senior family.

After Drury Bobbitt married Lavina Park they lived with the family of Drury's father. Most of the children had married and left home, and Drury was the last of the sons to be married. We place his marriage in 1796 and show the census record of the family taken in Warren County in 1800.

Drury Bobbitt Senior: 

1 male under 10** (1790-1800)       1 female 16 - 26* (1774-1784) 

1 male 16 - 26* (1774-1784)           1 female 26 - 45 (1755-1774)

1 male 45 & over ( 1755)                1 female 45 & over ( -1755)

**This is William Bobbitt, and *these are his parents, Drury Junior and Lavina (Park) Bobbitt. The female 26 - 45 is an older sister of Drury Junior and the couple 45 and over is Drury Senior and his wife Elizabeth (Harris) Bobbitt.

In the 1810 census of Warren County, Drury Bobbitt Senior is listed, along with his wife, and the unmarried daughter. The next family listed is Drury Bobbitt Junior, but not his son Drury. It is the family of his grandson, Drury Bobbitt who married Rebecca Burrow. We are unable to locate Drury in any census records of 1810.

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