The Bobbitt Family In America

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During the years that William and Sarah lived in Tennessee they were counted in only one census. The 1830 census of Maury, County.   


1 male under 5 (1825-1830)        3 females under 5 (1825-1830) 

1 male 30 - 40 (1790-1800)        3 females 5 - 10 (1820-1825) 

                                                    1 female 10 - 15 (1815-1820) 

                                                    1 female 15 - 20 (1810-1815) 

                                                    1 female 30 - 40 (1790-1800)

On June 8, 1836, William Bobbitt married Elizabeth S. Oliphant, daughter of Samuel Oliphant of Maury County. The marriage is recorded and was solemnized by E. Hanks, a minister of the Gospel. In 1836, 1837 and 1838 they purchased land.

In this same year of 1838, William and Elizabeth moved from Tennessee to Yalobusha County, Mississippi.

The children of William and Elizabeth (Oliphant) Bobbitt were:

Martha V. Bobbitt          born 1837 in Tennessee

Sardina P. Bobbitt         born 1838 in Tennessee 

William C. Bobbitt         born 1840 in Mississippi

Cassandra V. Bobbitt     born 1842 in Mississippi

Thomas B. Bobbitt         born 1843 in Mississippi 

Mary H. Bobbitt            born 1846 in Mississippi 

Walter R. Bobbitt          born 1848 in Mississippi

Edward S. Bobbitt        born 1855 in Mississippi

In the second family there were four daughters and four sons. All the children lived to maturity and married.

James K. Polk was inaugurated president of the United States on March 4, 1845. In the Library of Congress are preserved a number of letters written by William Bobbitt to James Polk between 1836 and 1844. Some descendants have letters written by James Polk to William Bobbitt. For the most part the letters are not interesting and are difficult to read. They concern business and political matters. They do, beyond doubt, show that William Bobbitt and James Polk were close friends. Some excerpts from the letters follow.

Maury City, Tennessee 

May 31st 1836

"I have no doubt that you will be gratified to see the success I have had in procuring subscribers to the Extra Globe and you will be perhaps surprised, but your surprise will cease when I assure you that "White and Bill Whiggery" in all this section of the county is

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