The Bobbitt Family In America

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In consequence of the reckless course and dissipated habits pursued by my son William C. Bobbitt, I will that the portion bequeathed to him in said will be retained and held by my executor and managed by him to the best advantage until my said son shall evidence sufficient reformation as shall convince my executor of his determination to do better than he has heretofore done, but should he not evidence such reformation as will gain the confidence of my executor then his portion as aforesaid shall be equally divided between my children by my last wife.

William Bobbitt died on November 24, 1860 and was buried in Goshen cemetery. His grave is marked. Elizabeth S. Bobbitt was born in 1797 according to Bible records and in 1811 according to census records, died April 1, 1885. She was also buried at Goshen Cemetery in the Methodist Church yard, west of Coffeeville, Mississippi. Her grave has not been marked.

The Bobbitt lineage of Major William Bobbitt:

William Bobbitt from Wales        1649 - 1703 Anna Sturdivant 

John Bobbitt of Chowan             1678 - 1736 Sarah Green 

William Bobbitt Senior                1704 - 1768 Amy Bennett 

John Richard Bobbitt of Warren  1725 - 1791 Amy Alston 

Drury Bobbitt Senior                  1744 - 1826 Elizabeth Harris 

Drury Bobbitt Junior                  1773 - 1838 Lavina Park 

William Bobbitt                         1797 - 1860 Sarah Woody 

                                                                    Elizabeth Oliphant

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