The Bobbitt Family In America

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The 1850 census records which contain many errors in ages lists the family of William and Nancy Bobbitt as family # 302 counted on July 24, 1850 in Pulaski County Kentucky.

William Bobbitt       age 32 born in Kentucky (Virginia) 

Nancy Bobbitt         age 26 born in Kentucky (Virginia) 

Eliza Bobbitt           age 12 born in Kentucky 

John Bobbitt            age -- born in Kentucky 

Elizabeth Bobbitt      age 9 born in Kentucky 

George Bobbitt        age 5 born in Kentucky 

Ebinezer Bobbitt      age 3 born in Kentucky 

James Bobbitt          age 1 born in Kentucky

In Pulaski County records under "deaths" is listed the following record.

"William Bobbitt, age 40, a blacksmith, died June 10, 1856.11 "Son of John and Nancy Bobbitt, he was born in Grayson County Virginia."

Also from Pulaski County records is this notation:

"E. T. Bobbitt, died November 19, 1858, age 11 years, son of William and Nancy Bobbitt."

This is Ebinezer Bobbitt who was listed as age 3 in the 1850 census above. The 1860 census records lists the family which with the exception of William, deceased, and his son Ebinezer, deceased, records all the children of the family and apparently accurately.

Pulaski County Kentucky, 1860 census, Family # 778.

Nancy (Bobbitt) Bobbitt 44 (1816) born in Virginia 

Eliza Bobbitt                 21 (1839) born in Kentucky 

John Bobbitt                 18 (1842) born in Kentucky

Elizabeth Bobbitt          17 (1843) born in Kentucky 

George Bobbitt             15 (1845) born in Kentucky 

James Bobbitt              11 (1849) born in Kentucky 

Henry Bobbitt                8 (1852) born in Kentucky 

Peter Bobbitt                 6 (1854) born in Kentucky 

Rebecca Bobbitt            4 (1856) born in Kentucky

William Bobbitt died on June 10, 1856 at age 40, and on June 4, 1856, Rebecca D. Bobbitt, his youngest child was born. Nancy Bobbitt never remarried and apparently lived out her life in Pulaski County. The census records are interesting.

Pulaski County Kentucky, 1870 census, family # 56.

Nancy Bobbitt         54 (1816) born in Virginia 

Henry G. Bobbitt     17 (1853) born in Kentucky 

Elizabeth Bobbitt     26 (1844) born in Kentucky

Rebecca Bobbitt      14 (1856)   born in Kentucky

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