The Bobbitt Family In America

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Henry Bobbitt never married.

Peter Bobbitt died young.

Rebecca D. Bobbitt married John Franklin Lee on November 12, 1879. John Lee was a brother of David Lee, who married Eliza Ann Bobbitt.

Rebecca Bobbitt who married John Franklin Lee lived in Pulaski County Kentucky. Their children were: Nancy Lee who is believed to have died young. William Lee married Nannie Hargis Harvey Lee married Geneva Weaver Lincoln Lee married Sarah Eads, their children were: Opal Lee who married Bill Starr Freeda Lee married Richard Stevens Tarter Lee married Willena Ping Elvie Lee married Bill Scales Sam Lee married Maud Carter.

Lincoln Lee who lived all his life in Pulaski County Kentucky helped compose the family history of this family. He very kindly sent pictures of John R. Bobbitt and of Rebecca Bobbitt.

In 1971, Lincoln Lee wrote, "my grandmother came from Virginia, I believe it was Grayson County. She was about six or eight years old. Her maiden name was Nancy Phillips. My mother, Rebecca Bobbitt Lee, said her and my grandfather Bobbitt were first cousins. Grandfather Bobbitt died when mother was born in 1856. His name was William Bobbitt. My Aunt Eliza raised mother. They had seven children, Eliza, Elizabeth, Rebecca, John, George, and Henry Green. One who died when very young. John and George were in the army."

The records show that Nancy Phillips was the great grandmother of Lincoln Lee. His grandmother's name was Nancy Bobbitt and she was a first cousin once removed from her husband, William Bobbitt.

The Bobbitt lineage of William Bobbitt was:

William Bobbitt from Wales    1649 - 1703 

William Bobbitt Junior            1675 - 1738 

James Bobbitt                        1707 - 1761 

William Bobbitt                      1744 - 1817 

John Bobbitt                          1783 - 1819 

William Bobbitt                      1816 - 1856

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