The Bobbitt Family In America

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WILLIAM HENRY BOBBITT      1820 - 1892     Son of Harris and Partheny Bobbitt

William Henry Bobbitt was the third son and sixth child of Harris and Partheny (Harris) Bobbitt. William was born on October 2, 1820 in Warren County, North Carolina.

William Henry Bobbitt first appears in the records in the census of 1820. 

Harris Bobbitt:

*1 male under 10 (1810-1820        2 females under 10 (1810-1820) 

3 males 10 16 (1804-1810)            1 female 16 - 26 (1794-1804) 

1 male 26 45 (1775-1794)             1 female 26 - 45 (1775-1794)

                                                      3  females   45 & over (....-1775)

This is William Henry Bobbitt. In this census record there are other relatives living with the family. The 1810, 1820, and 1830 census records indicate that there was four sons in the Harris Bobbitt family. It is not true. One of the males born between 1804 and 1810 is believed to have been a young brother of Partheny Harris Bobbitt.

William Henry Bobbitt married Louisa Elizabeth Pope of Halifax County on October 25, 1852.

Harris Bobbitt died in 1847 and Partheny died before 1850. In the census of 1850 of Warren County, William H. Bobbitt is listed as head of household. His brothers Kinchen and John Randolph Bobbitt were married and away from home.

William was 30 on October 20, 1950 but apparently forgot that by November 9, 1850 he was a year older than he stated. The family was number 652 in the census.

William H. Bobbitt                  29 (1821) North Carolina 

Temperance D. Bobbitt (sister)21 (1829) North Carolina 

Nancy Browning (sister)          23 (1827) North Carolina 

George Harris (farm manager)  20 (1830) North Carolina

When Harris Bobbitt wrote his will in 1847 he left the land that he lived on to William Henry and John Randolph Bobbitt. He left the land with the home place on the land to William Henry because he had remained home and taken care of his parents.

"I give and bequeath to my two sons, John R. Bobbitt and William Bobbitt, the tract of land that I now live on, after the death of my wife, Partheny, I give to my son William the tract of land that the house is built on."

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