The Bobbitt Family In America

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In the 1860 census of Warren County, William and his family were counted as family # 505 on July 3, 1860.

W. H. William Henry Bobbitt       40 (1820) Warren Co. N. C. 

L. E. Louisa E. (Pope) Bobbitt     25 (1835) Halifax Co. N. C. 

W. S. William Smith Bobbitt          6 (1854) Warren Co. N. C. 

Jack Shearin                               19 (1841) Warren Co. N. C. 

F. A. Pope (female)                    22 (1838) Warren Co. N. C.

When the war between the states began, William Henry Bobbitt was among the first to volunteer. He enlisted in Warren County and was assigned to Company F of the 12th regiment, on April 18, 1861. He was promoted to a Sergeant and transferred from the 12th regiment to the 18th regiment, Company F. C.S.A.

When the war was over, William and his family moved from Warren County to Halifax County, where William was a successful farmer and merchant. At one time William owned three hotels in Littleton. In the 1870 census, William and his family were counted in Halifax County as Family # 477, on September 8, 1870.

William H. Bobbitt   49 (1821) North Carolina 

Louisa E. Bobbitt     40 (1830) North Carolina 

William S. Bobbitt    14 (1856) North Carolina 

Cora A. Bobbitt         9 (1861) North Carolina 

Albert Bobbitt           7 (1863) North Carolina 

Lula Bobbitt             1 (1869) North Carolina

This 1870 census counted the entire family.

William Henry Bobbitt      born Oct. 2, 1820 

Louisa Elizabeth Bobbitt   born Mar. 17, 1829 

William Smith Bobbitt      born May. 1853 

Cora Alline Bobbitt          born Sep. 12, 1860 

Albert Bobbitt                 born Apr. 12, 1862

Lula Bobbitt                   born          1870


William Smith Bobbitt     married (first) Lula 

William Smith Bobbitt     married (second) Mary E. Harris 

Cora Alline Bobbitt         married (first) Marion Jackson Glasgow

Cora Alline Glasgow       married (second) Eugene Carlos Bobbitt 

Albert E. Bobbitt             married Mattie Cutchins

Lula Bobbitt                   married

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