The Bobbitt Family In America

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WILLIAM JAMES BOBBITT       1854 - 1907     Son of James and Melissa Bobbitt

William James Bobbitt was born on December 2, 1854 in Dyer, Tennessee. He was the first son and fourth child of James Bobbitt and the only child of his second wife, Melissa (Hale) Bobbitt.

When William James Bobbitt was two years of age, both of his parents died within two months of each other. William and his three half sisters were reared by Benjamin Franklin and Mary (Berry) Bobbitt. Benjamin and Mary Bobbitt were industrious and wealthy. They had no children of their own, so they provided an excellent home and education for all the children.

In 1860 when William James Bobbitt was five years of age, Benjamin Bobbitt employed an itinerant portrait painter to paint a portrait of his wife, Mary Elizabeth, and the young William James Bobbitt. The artist lived with the family while the work was being done. Allen Wade Mount, Sr. owns the painting and appreciates the work as it is a portrait of his grandfather when he was a young man.

The descendents of this family say that William was in his physical appearance a typical Bobbitt man. He was over six feet tall, blue eyes, brown hair and of a strong medium build. By occupation William became a farmer and a professional railroad man.

On September 18, 1873, William James Bobbitt married Lena Stephenson of Dyer, Tennessee. Lena was born on August 30, 1855 in Mt. Hope, Alabama. Lena was a daughter of Dr. Alfred Washington Stephenson and Nancy Adeline (Harvey) Stephenson.

Three children were born to William James and Lena (Stephenson) Bobbitt. All three children lived to maturity and married.

Ninn Louella Bobbitt              born Aug. 28, 1874

Alfred Benjamin Bobbitt         born Jan. 14, 1877

Guy Hale Bobbitt                   born   Jul.      9,   1878


Ninn Louella Bobbitt       m. Julius Allen Mount Jan. 27, 1895

Alfred Benjamin Bobbitt  m. Lillie Thompson Nov. 24, 1876

Guy Hale Bobbitt           m. Effie Cleveland Nov. 13, 1909

Ninn Louella Bobbitt who married Julius Allen Mount are the parents of Mildred Mount, born February 2, 1896 and of Allen Wade Mount, born on August 22, 1898. Allen Wade Mount, Sr. is the author of "Our Bobbitt Family", published in 1972. His book gives a more detailed account of the members of this family.

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