The Bobbitt Family In America

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me to have dinner with him and a visit to his apartment where he had the family Bobbitt Bible.

Judge Bobbitt has always been interested in family history and said that his grandfather, Dr. Burkhead studied more of the Bobbitt family history than any one else in the family. He said that Sheerwood and Sarah (Burrows) Bobbitt lived near Old Centenary Church and that they were buried there. Judge Bobbitt went to the site in 1955 but could not find any trace of the church or the house or any sign of a cemetery.

On July 15, 1978, Judge Bobbitt wrote me a letter which speaks well for his interests in family history.

Dear John:

Thank you for your letter of July 10th giving notice of the Bobbitt reunion on August 12th and 13th in Cowen, West Virginia. Although I cannot be present in person, I extend my greetings and best wishes to you and to all Bobbitts and descendants of Bobbitts who may be present for this occasion. My only son, William Haywood Bobbitt, Jr. who had established himself as a very good lawyer, died at the age of 41, leaving a widow, three sons, and a daughter. The older of the sons recently graduated at the Duke Medical school and is now an intern in Denver Colorado. In all, I have ten grandchildren. I want each of them to be proud of the Bobbitt name, and to reflect honor upon it.

                                                           Cordially and sincerely,

                                                                WILLIAM H. BOBBITT

The letter was hand-written by Judge Bobbitt himself, and is one of the treasures of my files.

The Bobbitt lineage of Judge William H. Bobbitt is:

William Bobbitt from Wales                     1649 - 1703 Anna Sturdivant

John Bobbitt of Chowan                          1678 - 1736 Sarah Green

William Bobbitt Senior                            1704 - 1768 Amy Bennett

John Richard Bobbitt                              1725 - 1791 Amy Alston

Drury Bobbitt Senior                              1744 - 1826 Elizabeth Harris

Sheerwood Haywood Bobbitt Sr.             1763 - 1827 Sarah Burrows

Sheerwood Haywood Bobbitt Jr.             1806 - 1877 Ann Eliza Pearce

James Burrows Bobbitt                          1835 - 1889 Mary Ann Miller

James Henry Bobbitt                             1865 - 1927 Eliza Mae Burkhead 

William Haywood Bobbitt                     1900 -          Sarah Buford Dunlap

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