The Bobbitt Family In America

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Green W. Bobbitt and Emarintha Owen Bobbitt had the following children. William A. Bobbitt          born 1837 

Thomas F. Bobbitt         born 1838 

John J. Bobbitt              born 1841 

Felix D. Bobbitt            born 1843


On December 16, 1845, Green W. Bobbitt married Sarah Plant, and the marriage was recorded in Fayette County, Tennessee. Green and Sarah Bobbitt had the following children.

Presley H. Bobbitt         born 1847

Lewis C. Bobbitt          born 1850 

James G. Bobbitt         born 1852

Willey C. Bobbitt         born 1855 

Andrew J. Bobbitt        born 1859


Sarah A. (Plant) Bobbitt was born on March 8, 1828 and died on November 25, 1859. Six months later, Green W. Bobbitt who was born on January 8, 1811, died on May 5, 1860. Both were buried in the Gwyn Family Cemetery located about one mile northeast of Moscow. Isabella C. Bobbitt married James Gwyn. Their youngest daughter, Sarah Gwyn died in 1860 and was buried in the Gwyn Family Cemetery.

The family was listed in the 1860 census of Fayette County, Moscow, Tennessee.

Family # 1-477, counted October 21, 1850

Green W. Bobbitt                 39 (1811) North Carolina 

Sarah A. (Plant) Bobbitt       22 (1828) Alabama 

Isabella C. Bobbitt               17 (1833) Tennessee 

William Bobbitt                   13 (1837) Tennessee 

Thomas Bobbitt                  12 (1838) Tennessee 

John J. Bobbitt                     9 (1841) Tennessee 

Felix D. Bobbitt                    7 (1843) Tennessee 

Presley H. Bobbitt                3 (1847) Tennessee 

Lewis C. Bobbitt              7/12 (1850) Tennessee


After the death of Green W. Bobbitt the family was divided. The children of Sarah Plant Bobbitt were taken to Arkansas to live with relatives. A deed recorded in Fayette County in Minutes Book G, page 641, dated December 4, 1861 reads:

"James G. Bobbitt, Willey C. Bobbitt and Andrew J. Bobbitt, minors of G. W. Bobbitt, deceased. "Be it remembered that on this date was produced the record of appointment of John L. Pool, guardian for the minor heirs, by the court of Sevier County, Arkansas, which record is duly witnessed.... Green W. Bobbitt was possessed of considerable estate all of which was in Tennessee" interest of minors about $6,000.00."

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