The Bobbitt Family In America

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John J. Bobbitt, brother of Green W. Bobbitt left Fayette County before 1850 and was counted in the 1850 census of Franklin County, Arkansas.

In later years, many of the descendants living in or near Fayette County, Tennessee seem to descend from the family of Thomas F. Bobbitt, son of Green W. Bobbitt. Thomas F. Bobbitt married first Barbara Ann Ward and then later married her sister Sarah 0. Ward. Later Andrew J. Bobbitt married Ella F. Ward and James G. Bobbitt married Anna M. Ward, all daughters of John Ward.

The Fayette County census of 1870 lists the family of Thomas F. Bobbitt as head of the post office of

LaGrange in District 14.

Family # 1460:

T. F. Bobbitt                           32      (1838)      Tennessee 

Barbara A. (Ward) Bobbitt      30      (1840)      Tennessee 

John Green Bobbitt                  9      (1861)      Tennessee 

Wilber Bobbitt                         6      (1864)      Tennessee 

Thomas Henry Bobbitt             3      (1867)      Tennessee


Marriages were not recorded in Fayette County before 1838.  Since that date, these Bobbitt marriages were recorded.

Charles Bobbitt          m. Margaret Atkins          Dec. 1, 1846

Isabella S. Bobbitt      m. James Gwyn               Jan. 10, 1853

Thomas F. Bobbitt     m. Sarah 0. Ward            Jan. 10, 1871 

Louis C. Bobbitt        m. Ella S. Boswell           Dec. 19, 1872

Coleman Bobbitt        m. Lucy Pleasants           May. 18, 1876

A. J. Bobbitt              m. Ella F. Ward              Feb. 27, 1878

James Green Bobbitt  m. Anna M. Ward           Dec. 12, 1878

Georgiana Bobbitt      m. Augustus Crawford    Apr. 6, 1882 

John Green Bobbitt    m. Mollie N. Cocke        Mar. 30, 1882 

T. H. Bobbitt             m. P. E. D. Beard          Mar. 10, 1887 

J. H. Bobbitt              m. Georgia Chambers     Jul. 26, 1894


The Bobbitt lineage of Green W. Bobbitt is:

William Bobbitt from Wales           1649 - 1703      Johana Sturdivant 

John Bobbitt of Chowan                1678 - 1736       Sarah Green 

William Bobbitt Sr.                        1704 - 1768      Amy Bennett 

John Richard Bobbitt                     1725 - 1791      Amy Alston 

Drury Bobbitt Sr.                          1744 - 1826      Elizabeth Harris 

John Bobbitt                                 1762 - 1829      Mary Hazelwood 

Drury Bobbitt IV                          1779 - 1842      Rebecca Burrow 

Green W. Bobbitt                         1811 - 1860      Isabella Owen 

                                                                              Emarintha Owen 

                                                                              Sarah A. Plant

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