The Bobbitt Family In America

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GIBSON BOBBITT    1813 - 1876     Son of John and Permelia Bobbitt

Born 1813 in Amherst County Virginia Died 1876 in Monroe County West Virginia Seventh child and fifth son of John and Permelia Bobbitt of Amherst County Virginia Married in 1835 in Monroe County to Elizabeth Burdette who was born 1816 and died in 1891 Grandson of John Bobbitt American Revolution Soldier of Pittsylvania County Virginia and his wife Sarah Gibson Bobbitt  Ancestry:  William Bobbitt      1649-1703  William Bobbitt      1675-1738  James Bobbitt        1707-1761  John Bobbitt          1742-1815  John Bobbitt          1785-1856 


Father of fifteen children nine sons, six daughters. 

Children: (dates each was born) 

Lewis Hamilton Bobbitt           1836 married Ellen Ross  Virginia Bobbitt                       1838 married American Alford  Louisa Ann Bobbitt                 1839 married Oliver Foster   Allen Caperton Bobbitt            1840 Confederate soldier killed in battle Issac Newton Bobbitt              1842 Confederate soldier died in service  Caroline Bobbitt                      1844 married Wallace Keller Sarah Elizabeth Bobbitt           1846 married Alexander Groves 

John Houston Bobbitt             1848 married Mahala Shirey 

James Pendleton Bobbitt         1850 married Virginia Leach 

Robert Wellington Bobbitt       1851 married Harriet Duncan

Mary Etta Bobbitt                   1853 married Christopher Miller 

Millie Jane Bobbitt                 1855 married Charles Campbell 

William Maston Bobbitt          1857 married Alice Leach 

Henry Paxton Bobbitt            1860 married Bettie Duncan 

Floyd Preston Bobbitt            1862 married Sallie Brown


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